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3DS Buzz – A Fond Farewell

As our focus switches from news to community spirit, your humble writer takes a moment to thank you all for your support. Read more >>

What’s Happening to 3DS Buzz?

My last post on 3DS Buzz.

The Future of the 3DS: Hopes

A farewell article by Ben Bertoli.

Nintendo Music Sunday: The Reunion

The weekly feature on Nintendo music over the years giving three examples of great music from Nintendo consoles. This is the reunion and final edition. This will also be my final article on 3DS buzz. Read more >>

Tomodachi Collection Selling Magnificently In Japan

Easily outpacing its original DS ancestor!

Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Off Investiagion And Cross-Examination

How far you’ve come, Nick!

From the Vault: Metroid 3DS Rumour Quashed

Sorry to break the news to you, but Jonathan Ross denies he was talking about Metroid 3DS in his recent tweet. Read more >>

Nintendo 3DS XL – The Definitive Verdict

That’s right. We’ve got one, and we’ve been putting it through its paces. Style or substance? A worthy upgrade or a gambit to entice new gamers? Let analysis commence! Read more >>

From the Vault: Animal Crossing 3DS Not in Development?

Update: Since this article was published, Animal Crossing has been confirmed as in development. Check the Animal Crossing hub for the latest news. Read more >>

From the Vault: Factory Worker Leaks Hi-Res Photos

A worker in one of Nintendo’s factories has smuggled a 3DS off the assembly line, and given us a sharp picture to admire. Updated with a third batch of pictures. Read more >>

3DS Smash Bros, Pikmin, Pokemon AR, Friend Codes, Achievements

Our interview with Nintendo UK’s Head of Marketing continues with questions our readers wanted answering. Read more >>

Red 3DS: Find a Cheap Red 3DS Deal

Searching all around the Internet, we’ve found the best deals for anyone who would like a their 3DS in red. Read more >>

Devil Survivor Overclocked European Patch On The Way!

Patient European gamers need be patient only a little longer. Read more >>

Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Finale

The bi-weekly feature on box art from Nintendo console and handheld games over the years. I will be giving five examples of great box art from Nintendo console and handheld games that are chosen by readers! Read more >>

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