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3DS Breaks Sales Records In The Land Of The Rising Sun

The PlayStation Vita certainly has an uphill battle ahead of it.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced some very positive sales figures regarding Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and the 3DS itself in North America. Hot on the heels of the 3DS selling over 4 million units since launch in the West, Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain has just revealed that the 3DS has completely obliterated sales records in the East.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show

How does Nintendo do it? "Juust liiike thaaaat!"

Reportedly, during Enterbrain’s December sales tracking period, covering November 28th through December 25th, the Nintendo 3DS sold 1,492,931 units. Enterbrain says this is the highest single month sales total since the company began tracking sales statistics way back in 1997; meaning the 3DS has broken a 15 year sales record. In addition, the 3DS has held the top monthly sales position for the past seven months in a row.

The second highest selling system in December was the PlayStation Vita, trailing by a full million units less at 402,749. While the 3DS has certainly had a head start, and ended the year with some killer software titles, the Vita has had an arguably even rockier start out of the gate than the 3DS did thus far; Sony has a lot of ground to cover if they want to have a hope of catching up with The Big N.

By on 7 January 2012
Will is a professional voice actor, lending his voice to anime, cartoons and video games; a professional improv comedian, performing live comedy with a "geeky" flair all across Canada and parts of The United States; and an avid gamer and a huge Nintendo fan. Check out his work at AnimeNewsNetwork and Synaptic Chaos Theatre, and follow Will on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Premier says:

    Do I hear the sound of the 3DS failing? No? The PSVita failing to launch? Yes. The Nintendo 3DS is simply the better handheld.

  2. WingedFish says:

    Nintendo rules!!! End of story.

  3. Serpent says:

    Am I surprised? No… Why you ask? Simple, SONY SUCKS XD

  4. Mike D. says:

    Do the Mario!!! Hooked on da Brothas!!

  5. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    Remember, this is only in the east. I don’t understand how Sony sucks when the PS1 and PS2 kicked Nintendo’s ass back in the day. Though, I will agree that Jack Trenton sucks. If Sony falls, then Microsoft will be left to plant the dagger in Nintendo’s chest. Nothing can beat an American company, anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm… Then I wonder where the US got this technology from in the first place? Japan. Nintendo was the first video game company outside the arcade! And it’s got the top three best selling video game franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Wii Series. Period, end of story. Thank you.

  6. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    And besides, Sony still has the top guns in the market with the original PS2 being the best selling console of all time, and Nintendo STILL comes second with the DS trailing behind. How pathetic for a “legendary” company, huh?

  7. Jimerzzz says:

    I’m gonna get a vita… That’s all there is to it… By hook or by crook. Then I’ll never have to endure that excruciating lull between releases of good games like Nintendo likes to put us through. Off time for vita? Get a good 3ds game. Still three weeks before the next good 3ds game comes out? Pick up the latest good vita title. Since my game gear, I’ve preferred portables. Now they’re developing into a nice marriage of what makes both hand held and full console games so great. Awesome time to be a gamer on the go. 🙂

  8. anon12 says:

    i thought u wer gone i was starting 2 celebrate for a while i’ve got a couple of words for u



  9. anon12 says:

    @goodsamatiancritic or badsamartiancritic even
    also nintendo beat sony back in the day not sony so why dont u mind ur own buisness and get outta here u’ve been lieing since u came here i’m sick of u and so is everyone else and if ur thinkin of a vita why dont u go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SuperMaddud says:

    Woah, stop feeding the troll guys… Let him starve himself off…

    Well, I’m glad that the 3DS sold over 1 million units more than vita, but I’m sure I’ve aid this before, just because the 3DS is beating it, doesn’t mean the vita is a failed console…

  11. Misnomer says:

    no need a 100% fan of one console or another. I prefer the 3DS, but Sony is doing very cool stuff. WE DO NOT NEED A MONOPOLY on decent portable console.

  12. Dark Kirby says:

    Wow, I tought Micrsoft and Sony fanboys were bad.
    You Nintendo fanboys are 10 times worse then both combined lol.

  13. GoldenSun says:


    1) Sony and Microsoft will fall to Nintendo

    2) That’s it.

  14. Rarar says:

    Wow. And there’s Sony saying how inferior the 3DS was…LOL!

    I don’t mind Microsoft, actually. A partnership with Nintendo and Microsoft would be quite good, IMO. However, I loathe Sony for their stupid comments about…well, EVERYTHING Nintendo. But then they bring out virtually an exact copy of it!
    *cough* Wii and PS3 Move *cough*

  15. Steve says:

    3DS is not better than vita 3DS is a cheaply made kids toy I got one I know and I’m disappointed with it and can’t wait for the uk release day of vita the only reason why 3DS has sold more is because it’s cheaper end of.

  16. PandaStripe says:

    I love how you included a picture from the ‘Super Mario Super Show’ haha i was literaly watching that just a little while ago! Its my ring tone <3

  17. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    Well, when you consider the fact that Nintendo basically betrayed/dissed Sony when Nintendo partnered with Phillips for a disk-based add-on for the SNES instead (which never came true) without ever telling them, you’ll realize why Sony hates Nintendo to the core.

    When you saw how the PS1 and PS2 outsold the N64 and NGC respectively, it shows you how angry Sony was back then. They wanted to wipe Nintendo from existence. Then, Sony kind of got cocky and arrogant with the PSP, PS3, and most recently, the Vita (to a mild extent).

    The true reason Nintendo fanboys actually hate and troll on Sony is because of 3 things:

    1.) Buyer’s Remorse (the N64 and NGC were lame, regardless of their exclusive titles and dry 3rd Party support. A console CANNOT survive on 1st Party games alone). The domination of the PS1 and PS2 must have made Nintendo fanboys jealous of Sony’s uprise in power.

    2.) Jack Trenton (I think that’s self-explanatory).

    3.) Anger over the fact that most major 3rd party developers, like Bioware or Valve, haven’t contributed to Nintendo and are jealous of the other systems.

    When you think of it, Nintendo is responsible for the current Console Wars, turning Sony into a rival industry when it didn’t have to be that way, admitting that Apple Inc. is a threat, and are primarily to blame for more health concerns in the videogame industry than usual (“Gameboy Thumb,” the Pokemon seizure episode, the Nintendo DS pacemaker interference due to radiowaves, the Wii motion injuries, the 3DS eye strains, and who knows what the Wii U might bring.)

    I know that health concerns in videogames are common, but who does it more dangerously than Nintendo?

    It’s one thing to be a great inspiration for future developers to be inspired the complexity and adversity that Nintendo achieved, but when you turn your back on a fellow company in a back-stabbing, insidious way, the outlook is a whole lot different from then on.

    As such, I think it bares without question that Sony has the right to harbor a grudge on Nintendo for almost 20 years. The proof is written all over them.

  18. anon12 says:

    sorry about that its just im gettin angry

  19. Patrick says:

    This just proves that the Nintendo 3DS is doomed for failure!

  20. anon12 says:

    nintendo and microsoft ould be great togheter apart from one in the us and one in japan
    imagine the wiibox 1080

  21. anon12 says:

    does anyone know how to delete posts?

  22. anon12 says:

    because someones logged in as me and made the fanboy comments

  23. pasta power! says:

    The 3DS is now pretty darn famous.
    I mean, in my opinion, everyone knows about the DS family (3DS) and the wii.
    And other than Sonic -(who makes a lot of appearances on recent Nintendo systems including the 3DS), Mario and Link are some of the most iconic characters to date.
    And they both have made their appearances on the 3DS. Also, Frogger, Starfox, and other popular gaming characters have their games.
    I’m just saying that the 3DS will get more games, like Kid Icaris, Luigi’s mansion 2, M&S olympics 2012, paper mario, and it will only get better from here on. I hope.

  24. pasta power! says:

    i’m not trying to hate on Sony or Microsoft, sorry.

  25. Dark Kirby says:

    Rarar :
    Wow. And there’s Sony saying how inferior the 3DS was…LOL!
    I don’t mind Microsoft, actually. A partnership with Nintendo and Microsoft would be quite good, IMO. However, I loathe Sony for their stupid comments about…well, EVERYTHING Nintendo. But then they bring out virtually an exact copy of it!
    *cough* Wii and PS3 Move *cough*

    Before you put stupid comments like that, do some research first.
    The first patents of the PS Move were from 2001. And guess what who had motion gaming first? Indeed, Sony, with EyeToy on the PS2.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. You should do some research. The Wii came out in 2005, and PlayStation COPIED their idea… Once again.

  26. Will Wood says:

    As author of this article, I want to state that I’m in no way trying to demean the PS Vita. I am going to get one likely on launch. I am a Nintendo fan first and foremost, but Sony is a very close second. That doesn’t mean I think the Vita has much of a chance of dethroning the 3DS however.

  27. Jimerzzz says:

    Well worded will wood…

  28. SuperMaddud says:

    Hey Will, Is there any way of moderating comments anymore? Just a question… I’ll ask Adam…

  29. anon12 says:

    someone hacked my account i think we need better privacy and i could have been removed from the site they seem to be one of those people slagging of goodsamaritancritic they must have been worried about their own account being removed

  30. SuperMaddud says:

    Don’t worry, your account can’t be hacked, it’s not a long-standing one. It was however a user supposedly impersonating you, but I don’t know that for sure, as I can’t see IP’s here (not forum). If you want an account, join the 3DS Buzz Forums, you wont regret it! Anyway, you can’t be removed from the main page, because I love all your comments 🙂

  31. josh says:

    @goodsamatariancritic vita is finished and nintendo walks out the best sorry but it’s true

  32. mario123 says:

    no surprise

  33. mario123 says:

    when will they make kirby games for the 3ds

  34. umer936 says:

    I don’t hate Sony or the Vita, I think it’s ‘interesting’, but (at least in this recent case), the 3DS is PWNING the Vita.

  35. umer936 says:

    …I probably should have logged in first…

  36. deomasta says:

    @Dark Kirby
    Ehh not really if you go on other board sorta things for other consoles youll see trollfests like this too 😛

  37. King DeDeDe says:

    Nobody is any match for the big N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Nintendo! The 3DS is AWESOME!

  38. Ty says:

    The biggest issue with the PS Vita is that it is more catered towards western audiences than the Japanese audience. It launched with a few big games, but those games aren’t nearly as popular in Japan as they are in the west. What it lacks right now is big Japanese franchises. If it had Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, etc., the sales would likely be higher.

    Also, the PSP was far from a failure, AND Sony beat Nintendo with the Playstation and Playstation 2. So, if history were to “repeat itself” the PS Vita may in fact best the 3DS, because Sony has trumped Nintendo 2/3 times (when this current generation ends, it’ll likely be 2/4 times, because the Wii is on top). So you guys really shouldn’t say crap about things when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  39. origamimaster says:

    when you think about it, Sony is outselling itself compared to the Vita. I read an article on Yahoo!, and it gave a graph of handheld selling trends, and the PSP sold more on release than the PSV. I forget all the details, but in a nutshell, PSP is still doing better than the PSV. I’m not saying all this out of being any sort of Ninty fanboy. I think I might be close to a fanboy, but not actually there. I’m still jealous that some of Sony’s games are more intriguing, but still kinda prefer Ninty.

  40. Ty says:

    @Dark Kirby
    Actually, motion gaming isn’t as new as you would think it is. It was first done in 1981 by DataSoft with the Le Stick, then Nintendo made an attempt at it in 1986 with the Power Pad. Nintendo has experimented with motion controlled gaming the most out of all the major game companies. So who is really copying who? I personally don’t see the Move as a knockoff, because it works using totally different technology.

  41. anon12 says:


    i do have a forum account but i cant log in on it so i put the same name for myself on the forum as i did here

  42. SuperMaddud says:

    Ok. Why can’t you log on? Try emailing Adam…

  43. anon12 says:

    i mean i cant use it on the home screen just the forum i havent got trying though its just i havent found the option

  44. SuperMaddud says:

    I’ll talk with you on the forums 🙂 Just remember that this section is not the same as the forums section 🙂

  45. anon12 says:

    ok i’m anon12 there as well

  46. kindricks says:

    I have a better idea. Sony lovers go to Soy’s site and praise them. Nintendo lovers stay here and talk about 3ds, and Goodsamerithian go to hell. .w.

  47. Mr.Runbutton says:

    I don’t know what your problem is, because I’ve seen you trolling on here for a whole now, and it’s really sad. Look, I know you’re all sad and crap about the PSVita sucking major a$$, but you shouldn’t go ruining Nintendo fans’s fun. Also, you talk about how Nintendo fans are “jealous” of Sony and “troll” on their forums or whatever, yet here you f**king are, DOING THE SAME EXACT THING YOU CLAIM NINTENDO FANS ARE DOING. You go on to say how a console can’t survive on 3rd party support, yet here comes Nintendo’s Wii with almost no good 3rd party support, and Nintendo made an absolute killing. It’s the most successful console. Period.
    If the PS2 had been released in modern times, with this horrible recession, then you wouldn’t be all high and mighty, would you? No. You wouldn’t. Also, Microsoft and Sony don’t have a thing on Nintendo. Lay off, troll. We’re in modern times. This is the fact of the matter, and the fact of the matter is that Nintendo continues to outsell Microsoft and Sony, wether it be home consoles (Sony blatantly copied with the horrible Wiimote knock-off, and Microsoft tried to perfect with Kinect yet couldn’t find the success of the Wii either) or handhelds (both the DS line and the 3DS line outsell the PSP and Vita’s lifetime sales, whatever they may be). So quit your whining, man up, quit trolling and pretending Sony’s the God of the gaming industry, and get the hell out of these forums, troll.

  48. dougphisig says:

    My biggest issues with Vita, is one I’m afraid it will be like the PSP and have an utter lack of games come out for it. 2 is the whole exclusive deal they did with AT&T for their 3G version, which i think was a horrible move.

  49. Jason says:

    Ummmm actually the DS is even though it has seen 4 seperate rereleases of the system compared to the PS2’s 2, but the PS2 has been out longer

  50. Jason says:

    It works with different components, but the design is very similar and it even has an attachment like the nunchuck

  51. darkninja says:

    listen guys i know this generation isn’t sony’s best but come on fanboys no matter how many times you jump into the past the numbers wont lie
    wii out sold ps3
    ds out sold vita
    and 3ds is beating vita and no matter what happened in prior generations the numbers wont change so instead of moaning about the past in hopes it’ll stop you from bieng butt hurt look forward to the race to come AND LET THE NUMBERS DECIDE

  52. reality check says:

    sony is irrelavent ,they have destroyed the playstation brand and have no money to spend vitas poor showing will likley stop any sight of ps4 there whole future depends on vita add the poor tv sales and exchange rate sony are infact DOOMED

  53. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    I guess it was not very bright of me to troll all this time. Knowing now that the Nintendo fanboys out there were right all along, I feel so stupid. I’m so sorry, I should have listened to you guys. I suppose that I will stop trolling from now on, and I guess you have all made decent points in your arguments against me and my beliefs, too. Now I just might consider having some interest in Nintendo games, consoles, and products and perhaps I might buy some. Oh, and if you ever catch me trolling again, I guess you can call me a jerk or a liar, because those are what I would be.

  54. Ty says:

    It’s people like you who bring trolls out from under their bridges. In a way, you kind of are trolling. Also, you can’t really conclude that the Vita is going to “fail”- it just came out. If you want the numbers to speak, you have to look at the whole picture. Sony “beat” (I absolutely hate saying that) Nintendo twice- first with the Playstation, and then a second time with the Playstation 2. This generation hasn’t ended yet, so while it is unlikely that the PS3 will out sell the wii, it could very well happen. So overall, if you don’t count this generation (due to it being incomplete), then Sony has “beat” Nintendo 2/3 times. Honestly, I really can’t stand it when people don’t know what they’re talking about.

  55. Bieleber_4ev says:

    Yeah cause 3DS is truly amazing, when I had a PSP (before the screen got damaged) I couldnt do half the things you can do now on a 3DS!

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