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3DS Buzz Exclusive: Nintendo Reveals ‘Doctor Kawashima’s Humour Training’

The panel-faced doctor is back, blending cutting edge voice recognition and the expression-mapping technology from Face Training into a 3DS comedy tour de force!

The Nintendo DS was well known for its experimental new types of gameplay, and one of the most popular system-shifters was undoubtedly the Brain Training series. These puzzles and exercises were bolstered by the presence of cheery noggin-expert Dr. Kawashima.

And whilst the good doctor recently jumped ship to engage in some XBox 360 business, he’s back home on Nintendo. 3DS Buzz has gained access to some of the Nintendo product portfolio for 2012, and it appears that there’s a new Dr. Kawashima game on the way.

Kawashima Takes The Stage

Let the hilarity commence!

We’re very grateful to Nintendo for allowing us to publish these first images and details of the next installment of the one of their most successful franchises.

Dr. Kawashima’s Humour Training takes the scientific research of comedy and attempts to make a game of it. So what can we expect to see?

The Science Of Smiling

Humour Training combines both old and news ideas from the range of Nintendo’s Training titles. Old school fans can test their ‘humour age’ by repeating jokes displayed onscreen into the microphone. The software will gauge your delivery, and the inner 3DS camera will even monitor your facial expressions. It knows if you’re using Rich Hall-esque deadpan delivery or a more Eddie Murphy style of wide eyes and broad grins.

Humour Training Age Ranking

Kawashima remains his cheerfully sarcastic self.

However, that’s not all. Budding comedians can try the new Kawashima Grand Tour mode, which is the closest a game like this gets to a genuine single-player campaign. Using your Mii as the protagonist, the game will take you from working rowdy late night bars to, hopefully, eventually performing to packed arenas.

Miis both created and collected using StreetPass will comprise the audience, and your challenge is to change their expressions from deadpan to hysterics against the clock.

As you go, the Heckling system will come into play. Every so often, the action will freeze and a Mii will stand and shout a heckle from a possible bank of over 500 prerecorded lines of insulting dialogue. You’re then tasked with rebuking the insult within a three second time limit, and the game will test your wit accordingly.

Boost Your Humour Quotient!

The game uses the currency of a Humour Quotient to gauge your comedic acumen. Ideally, the higher your score, the more funny you supposedly are.

The game boasts some impressive voice recognition, even including a wry dig at videogame culture that decreases your Humour Quotient by 10 points if it detects you using the ‘arrow to the knee’ meme. Not just that, but Nintendo have shown surprising boldness in their recognition of crude humour.

See, part of the Humour Quotient is being subdivided into categories comparable with famous comedians across the ages. Whilst a wry, surreal delivery will earn you comparisons to Eddie Izzard or Bill Bailey, a propensity for naughty language will allocate you a comparison to the likes of Chris Rock or Richard Pryor.

And in a pleasing bit of cross-game continuity, total failure to raise even a chuckle in the Grand Tour mode will cause the game to accuse you of being as much of a comedic failure as Animal Crossing‘s Doctor Shrunk!


Say it ain't so!

Humour Training is, according to our sources, hoped to be seen as a way of bridging the divide between the playful games of Nintendo’s roster and the more bland, casual Wii Fit minimalism.

The technology going on under the hood here is quite impressive. Whilst the game won’t detect everything you say, words it doesn’t know are measured in pitch and tone to detect their comedic merit. The game will even test your ‘Laughter Type’, by producing comical events and cutscenes to you in rapid succession and recording your responses.

Apparently, your humble writer is a ‘Blurter’. Dr. Kawashima says my laughter ‘erupts from nowhere like an Icelandic volcano’, before ‘trickling away in fitful schoolgirl giggling‘.

Gosh. He doesn’t hold his punches, does he?

Doctor Kawashima’s Humour Training is expected to release September 31st, 2012. A Collector’s Edition has been announced, in which the game comes packed in an enormous replica cream pie ideal for plunging into the faces of your friends.

Especially the foolish ones!

By on 31 March 2012
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. AncientBaby says:

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    You didn’t even get me… google already did 🙂

  3. Lumine1412 says:

    Haha, I actually was caught off guard for a while there
    Well played

  4. Kendell says:

    At least it’s better than last year’s prank. That crap still pisses me off. So mad you guys got me.

  5. Ridley says:

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    Jack and Jill are at a driving range.

    Jill:Hey Jack,yesterday I hit 2 balls the first ten minutes…[censored](Joke ends)

    Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh?What do you think?Tell me in the comment after this one,although I’ll never get to it.

  6. Mmrrn says:

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  7. SuperMaddud says:

    It’s real.

  8. Netbook says:

    Hehe.. April Fool’s Joke? OR IS IT!?
    Two clues:
    1. There is no September 31st.
    2. “Especially the foolish ones!”

  9. Pokeboy93 says:

    Yay. I actually didn’t fall for this. I guess it helps to know what day it is. 😛

  10. FireEmblem2 says:

    April Fool’s day. Hahaha. Never fell for it, but It was quite good.

  11. PuAl says:

    In that first picture, the spotlight looks like Dr K’s naked shoulders as he’s stuck in a hole. 😛

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    Nintendo “Ohhh, s**t

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    Lol great joke

  15. AbuJaffer says:

    I was debating whether or not it’s an April Fools joke until I saw the image. The photoshopped commentary was top-notch (or was it Paint? Who cares!), but the lower screen is the same size as the top screen! How could you overlook such a detail!

    The paragraph that tried to make up for the “bad” voice recognition technology brought back a little doubt but the final line sealed the deal. You guys should have put that paragraph earlier on, that would have thrown me off good.

  16. Mr. Know it all says:

    I didn’t read this on April fools days and this one got me… I skipped the last sentence ”Especially the foolish ones!”. 🙂

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