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Our interview with Nintendo UK’s Head of Marketing continues with questions our readers wanted answering.

Update: Remember when I got an interview with someone important at Nintendo? No? Neither does anyone else. Which is good because the questions were all trying a bit too hard to dig out a juicy bit of gossip. If anyone wants to let me interview them for the PS4 Pro website, I promise I won’t dig so hard.

Earlier this week James Honeywell responded to concerns about the 3DS’s price and made us panic about Animal Crossing. Now he takes on questions from 3DS Buzz readers.

3DS Buzz: Which is more likely, Pikmin 3DS or Smash Bros. 3DS?

JH: In theory both are just as possible or likely – however neither title has been formally announced as being in development.

3DS Buzz: We know Augmented Reality will be used with cards that come with the 3DS, but could you tell us anything about how AR will be incorporated into games?

JH: From launch, you’ll be able to play with the built in software using the AR cards that come with 3DS. We haven’t announced any further details about how AR could potentially be used in games but certainly the potential and ability for developers to realize ideas like this are very real and very possible. There are no immediate plans to sell AR cards as separate items.

3DS Buzz: Will Pokémon make use of AR cards?

JH: It’s technically possible but we have nothing to announce on this at this time. There are no immediate plans to sell AR cards as separate items.

3DS Buzz: Why can’t online play work with a gamer ID and a child lock similar to the 3D child lock instead of awkward friend codes?

JH: Our approach to the online gaming experience has been firm and consistent – it needs to be simple, safe and free. We feel a responsibility to make the online experience as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible and whilst we fully understand and accept that not everyone is happy with friend codes we believe that with 3DS we have taken steps to address many concerns whilst retaining our core principles that make our online experience so enjoyable for so many people. With 3DS users need only input one code for the hardware – codes are no longer software dependent – this was a frequent comment from DS users and something we addressed with 3DS.


3DS Buzz: Why isn’t there an achievement system on 3DS? It seems relatively simple to implement and a huge number of people enjoy the challenges it sets.

JH: We don’t believe the vast majority of people who want a 3DS or who will play 3DS want an achievement system.

3DS Buzz: Will the 3DS Web Browser be able to run Flash and YouTube videos?

JH: The web browser will be available via a system update after launch. However, I’m unable to announce any specifics today – but we will reveal more information closer to launch.

3DS Buzz: What plans do you have for DS and DSi after the release of the 3DS?

JH: As long as there is consumer demand and retailers continue to place orders for DS and DSi we will continue to supply them. We see each of the consoles offering something different for everyone so there’s no reason why they cannot co-exist together.

3DS Buzz: Do you expect the 3DS to sell out?

JH: We’re trying incredibly hard to make sure as many people who want a 3DS at launch can get one. You’ll already have seen retailers commenting on the rate and pace of pre-orders for 3DS so you’ll know that there is already a huge appetite for it.

By on 27 April 2013
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. Okami says:

    …ha, he didn’t say anything intresting.
    All the answers just said “It might, but I don’t know”, and “our oppinion is right, therefore we make things the way we do”
    Not one answer actually confirming anything…

    But what to expect from someone from Nintendo of UK.
    Since it’s Nintendo of Japan that make the decisions.

  2. Mezut360 says:

    Wll that sucked

  3. Mezut360 says:

    I mean that sucked
    Where did wii come from ?

  4. SkilletBand says:

    He sounded like some 12 year old kid who gets all of his information off of 

  5. Al says:

    yeah, just very long ways of saying I don’t know/don’t want to talk about it
    Not impressed with his answers

  6. F says:

    Talk about on the fence!

    Smash Bros. would be awesome in 3d. They should add Prof Layton, Pauline, clockwork/paper Mario, Roselina and goomba (joking) as payable characters.

    I seem to remember an article in the Official Nintendo Magazine (a while back, long before 3ds) with a guy from Nintendo stating that its highly unlikely Smash Bros. would be released on handhelds; and they felt it was more fit for home consoles. I hope I’m wrong though!

  7. ArsonistMonkey says:

    Nah, i think that Roselina or Paper Mario aren’t the right kind of characters to be in Super Smash Bros playable. Of course, Prof.Layton would be an interesting addition, but he would probably be better off as an assist trophy.

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