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3DS To Get Headset Peripheral

Just like them high-falutin’ HD consoles and such. With no 3DS games currently known to support voice chat, does this hint at things to come?

Those of you with fancy-shmancy HD consoles will know the deal when it comes to voice support in online games. Nothing says ‘welcome to the multiplayer lobby’ quite like hearing some mildly disturbing mouthbreahing rustling down a microphone from someone far, far away. Bonus points if you can hear their terrible music collection in the background or whatever the wife’s watching on the other TV.

Whatever your thoughts on voice chat in videogames, it seems the 3DS is getting in on the headset action.

The 3DS Headset

Look! I think it's happy to see you!

Yes! Trusty site Gimme Gimme Games have spotted this delectable doo-hickey gracing the pages of UK-centric media specialist There’s no word yet on a release in the Americas, nor the rest of Europe or the lovely Down Underβ„’ however. Nonetheless, at the time of writing the release date for the UK is suggested to be 4th November.

Which happens to be your humble writer’s birthday. Hint-hint.

Just kidding, just kidding. Either way, Β£24.99 appears to be the RRP, though Play are, at the time of writing, offering it for Β£17.99 instead. Jolly decent of them, that. Yet at the same time, this peripheral’s quiet presence from seemingly nowhere is food for thought.

Designed by PowerA and featuring a detachable mic, the whole shebang folds down tidily into a package somewhat resembling a folded down form of audio apparatus. It’s also an Official Nintendo Licensed Product, which means the Big N themselves have given it the nod, and charmingly the product description over at Play suggests that the ‘detachable mic boom’ is ideal for ‘game chat and video conferencing’.

Video conferencing! Of course! Gracious, the times we’ve seen frayed executives in suits shamble hurriedly onto the bus, hunched over their 3DSes and shouting “Damn it Jennifer, tell Fairbanks we want that deal by tomorrow or we’re going to lose our contract with the Chinese!” or something.

Okay. Maybe not. But it’s sort of intriguing, isn’t it? Is this another Wii Speak? Or does this show Nintendo are planning for their own (or more likely, third party) games to support the sort of multicultural verbal abu– um, fostering of far-reaching friendships that videogame voice chat provides?

Thicken, the plot does.

By on 7 October 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Cool-H says:

    It looks great, however i hope its a sign that nintendos giving us xbox type online with actual friends, messaging parties invites voice chat and more!!! PLEASE GIVE US BETTER ONLINE NINTENDO!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    cool. something else to add to my christmas list πŸ˜‰

  3. Luke Bramhall says:

    Modern Warfare anyone ?

  4. gleeok says:

    I have the Full Metal Jacket Skullcandy in-ear headphones and headset so i don’t need that, unless reviews prove it has greater audio quality than my skullcandy par…But…is that a hint nintendo is going to make a video conferencing possible on the 3DS?

  5. =D says:

    this looks interesting…. they actualy look prettey decent…. maybe msn or skype for 3ds? xD

  6. magykmaster says:

    mildly disturbing mouthbreahing rustling


    sounds intersesting.. gonna skip it, the 3ds has a mic anyway.. where does it attach?

  7. Serpent says:

    I’m pretty excited now! Especially for the reason that this could signify what Luke said… N-Space first-person online shooter anyone?!?! πŸ˜€

  8. Mentaly_Unsound says:

    We already know the WiiU will have video conferencing. Regie has already said to expect video recording in the near future. Pokemon B/W has already shown it can be cone through a game without Nintendo even having it installed on the main system. No doubt the Vita will have this and most of all, Nintendo has still yet to release Pictochat or any sort of chat program..

    What does all that boil down to?..that ya, it is very very likely we will see -some- sort of voice support on the 3DS. They have already done it in games, 3DS is getting not so great press and people are already complaining about the games..I could only guess they plan on releasing something “like” xbox life or PSN for the 3DS which will make it’s way on WiiU as well.

  9. Subarulol says:

    hmm it will be nice to finaly talk to some fellow mercenaries while blowing a zombies face off,… Good show πŸ˜€

  10. vj27 says:

    Is that picture the real or soon to be real microphone.

  11. john says:

    they look soooooooooooooooooooooooooo koel

  12. maria says:

    oh yeh nw dis just made my daii…….<3

  13. Kiba says:

    Heroes of Ruin anyone?

  14. Swoop says:

    Finally a mic for my handheld, i know the DS had one but i never got it but this playing with my bros in other states for MK7 will be sweetness. Also to the guy who has skull candy headphones im sure those will be better but it doesnt have a mmic and i do not know how good the mic is thats already on the 3DS. I will be getting this for sure.

  15. Premier says:

    @=D, now you’re making illegitimate. It’s the Nintendo 3DS, not a laptop.

  16. Premier says:

    I think the headphones will be good for chatting ON games like modern warfare.

  17. PuAl says:

    So essentially they’re acknowledging that the built in microphone isn’t good enough for voice chat? Okaaay, this is somewhat on a par with the whole ‘Hmmm, yeah, having only a single thumbstick isn’t quite good enough after all’ thing. Either that or this peripheral is completely unnecessary. Neither one is a particularly good thing really.

  18. SuperMaddud says:

    Monster Hunter Tri G!!!

  19. qwertypatro says:

    i wan it so much, looks su kol! i want nintendo to make some game thats almost like a collage of voice time on the i phone and pictochat, that can work over online!!!! be so cool

  20. mark pearce says:

    this will be great for strategiesing in monster hunters multiplayer

  21. jester says:

    got to save up again…

  22. Hunthe says:

    Ugh, I hate voice chats. Its awkward. I want it, but eh.

  23. =D says:

    @Premier , its not impossible, i mean even cheap phones can get em lol

  24. Ty says:

    Ummm… Heroes of Ruin IS currently known to support voice chat- just saying. The thing I wish Nintendo would do (but they won’t) is enable non-nintendo mics to work. Apple headphones with control talk actually work in the 3DS… Kind of. In 3DS sound, the mic gives off noise (but doesn’t record sound). Apple products and most smartphones use mics that work the same way- they just need to update the firmware to allow the 3DS to use them.

  25. Kevin11 says:

    Cool,now Mario can chat with his bros,Luigi,Yoshi,Shy Guy,Koopa Troopa,Bowser,DK and uuuuuuh Peach…………….as his girlfriend

  26. jester says:

    mk7 would be great for this!

  27. PuAl says:

    People seem to be looking past the fact that the 3DS already has a working microphone. If it works well enough for the 3DS sound app, along with things like Photo Dojo, why do we need a headset?

  28. Ridley says:

    Hey,that’s great!I’ve always wanted one of these just like my brother did!Right,bro?

  29. Ridley says:

    I’m guessing you guys didn’t get that joke.

  30. Premier says:

    @=D , you’re making it illegitimate.
    It’s a handheld gaming device, not a laptop.

  31. sh06un says:

    @Premier stop trolling, u already made that same post yesterday so shut up

    @jester definitely would be awesome for MK7 =)

  32. Matthew Gray says:

    Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Monster Hunter Tri. Those are the games I think would benefit from it. If this had been out for Star Fox, that would’ve been cool!

  33. Premier says:

    @sh06un , shut the fuck up. I’m not trolling, if I really wanted to troll I would be wasting my time replying back to dipshits like you.
    I’m showing that I don’t really like Skype and all of that on the 3DS. It really make’s it illegitimate.
    If you can’t understand that that’s you.

  34. AgentNick007 says:

    The only game I think of thats coming this year that might use the mic is Mario Kart 7. Or Street Fighter 4 if they have a update or something.

  35. Fire Mario says:

    Interesting but I don’t know. So there will be a few games I could use this with which may be helpful. I’ll think about it.

  36. Anon says:

    I want a headset!!!!!

  37. DRHARNESS says:

    ya know skype whould be nice on the 3ds then we all whouldent nead an ipad

  38. ehhh says:

    heroes of ruin

  39. Marquis says:

    “With no 3DS games currently known to support voice chat, does this hint at things to come?”

    As ehhh said above, Heroes of Ruin IS confirmed to have voice chat! So there’s one possibility.

  40. HellFire says:

    this looooooooooooooooooooks aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeessssssssooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
    …nintendo needs to make a voice chat update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  41. misnomer says:

    I do not see the point. Just one more headset.

  42. thesignpainter says:

    Gimmegimmegames spotted it, not NintendoLife.

    Not having a go, I love this site and it’s a meager issue, but seeing smaller sites find something only to be picked up by a big site, give a little source link in the footnote and for everyone to think they picked up on it first bugs me.

    Give the real source some credit guys :D.

  43. Nintendo3DS3 says:

    Why can’t we use the built in mic and speakers? I wonder if I want Heroes of Ruin.

  44. Adam Leavi says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve fixed the mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

  45. reclow says:

    i want this it is AWESEOME!! SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE WITH MONSTER HUNTER 3G!! (if it has online play which it better!!!)

  46. Kevin11 says:

    I will need more friends for this!!!Register Me,Here is my FC:4081-5510-4091

    I neeed more friends pleeeeeeeeaaase add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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