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5 Nintendo Series That Need a 3DS Reboot

We count down the titles that deserve another chance in the limelight.

It’s an understatement to say that Nintendo has published and housed some of the most beloved video games of all time. Characters like Mario, Link, and Kirby have starred in dozens of titles since the NES debuted in the early 80’s, but not every Nintendo franchise has been so popular. Not that unpopular games are bad games, they simply didn’t find an audience at the time or were overlooked when it come to potential sequels. Many games find fame after their initial release and establish a cult following. With Nintendo rebooting the Kid Icarus franchise with Kid Icarus: Uprising, coming in March, it’s only fair that we count down the…

5. Ice Climber

Although Ice Climber wasn’t a runaway NES hit like Super Mario Bros or Legend of Zelda, it still stands as one of the best titles on Nintendo’s original home console. Like many of Nintendo’s early offerings the game focused on jumping and attacking, not much more you can do with just two buttons and a d-pad. Popo and Nana, the stars of Ice Climber, have been featured in both Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl, but they haven’t had a game to themselves since 1985. Seeing as Kid Icarus was also a side scrolling platformer, it’s not farfetched to think Nintendo could turn Ice Climber in to a 3D adventure title with classic platform gameplay. Not many video game worlds (outside of snowboarding ones) are set in snowy lands, but a new Ice Climber title could change that. Imagine hopping and bopping through various icy mountain ranges as Popo or Nana, smashing foes along the way with your mighty mallet. Nothing makes an mountain look more daunting than fully cranked 3D. Bring back some goofy enemies, add some new maneuvers and the Ice Climbers could be on top of the world once more.

4. F-Zero

Another fan favorite amongst Nintendo historians, F-Zero brought speed to our TV screens like never before. Unlike Ice Climber the F-Zero series has seen multiple sequels since its initial release for the SNES in 1990, but it’s due for a reboot all the same. The last F-Zero title dropped almost ten years ago for the GameCube and we haven’t seen a new game since. Captain Falcon, punching and kicking machine, has seen some personal fame from the Smash Bros series, but we need him back in the cockpit of his hover-car. Anyone who has played Mario Kart 7 knows that the 3D effects are fantastic for racing games on the 3DS. The illusion of depth really adds to the feeling of flying through the Mushroom Kingdom. Did I mention that F-Zero is fast? Ridiculously fast. The rush you get in Mario Kart 7 would be ten fold in a 3DS F-Zero title. Revamped graphics, gyro controls, and a solid online community would make F-Zero 3D a must have. Make it happen Nintendo!

3. Drill Dozer

Did you know that developer Game Freak has made more than just Pokemon games? The handheld titans took a chance in 2005 and released a new title named Drill Dozer. The game went on to win Nintendo Power’s Game Boy Advance game of the year and received critical acclaim from many gaming sites and publications. Drill Dozer focuses on Jill, member of The Red Dozer bandit gang, as she attempts to steal back her father’s precious Red Diamond. The game features platforming at its best, including some ingenious puzzles and wacky bosses. Using shoulder buttons to drill forward (R) and in reverse (L), players used Jill’s “drill dozer” to destroy enemies and tare down any obstacles in her path. A Drill Dozer sequel in three dimensions would have limitless possibilites. Changing view points, much like Super Paper Mario for Wii, would give the game a whole new outlook. There are plenty of platformers coming to the 3DS in the future, but a new Drill Dozer would take the cake.

2. Pokemon Snap

Anyone who has read my early articles on 3DS Buzz knows that I have been pushing for a new Pokemon Snap since day one. Pokemon is one of the must well know and commercially successful video games series of all time, but Pokemon Snap is so much different than any other Pokemon game that I feel it stands alone. Not that I’m saying Snap is better than the main series, just that is was a great game and deserves a proper sequel. For those who are too young to have enjoyed the fruits of the N64, Pokemon Snap was an on-the-rails photography game in which you took photos of passing Pokemon. Why would this work on the 3DS? Three words – gyro sensor camera. Pokemon Snap is all about getting the right shot, and what better way to do so then by actually moving the system. Games, like Ocarina of Time 3D, have already used this camera system to let players literally check out their surroundings. Sure, you’d look like a fool spinning around to snap a picture of that Charazard that just flew over your head, but you’d definitely have a fun time doing it. Did I mention Pokemon Snap launched in 1999? Since then 498 Pokemon have been added to the Pokedex. You may want to pick up some extra film.

1. EarthBound

Many Nintendo series catch on in Japan, but don’t find much of an audience elsewhere. EarthBound, or Mother as it’s know in Japan, is a perfect example. The original EarthBound for the SNES was actually the second game in the series, though the first was only released in Japan. This spunky RPG series was hailed as one of the best of its time and became well known for its bizarre and often hilarious take on American culture. Many felt the game was ahead of its time as far as plot and gameplay were concerned, but the series hasn’t expanded much in recent times. Although a Game Boy Advance sequel to EarthBound did surface in Japan, the SNES classic has never been rereleased in any form since it’s original debut in 1995. In fact, EarthBound‘s sequel, Mother 3, didn’t even star any of the same characters. Ness, main protagonist of EarthBound, has shown up more recently in the Smash Bros series. It’s no secret that RPG titles work very well with the DS and 3DS’ duel screen set up. The top screen can display the characters doling out damage, while the bottom can be used to select attacks and party members. With dozens of dull, played-out RPG series churning out sequel after sequel it’s a crime that such a fresh take on the genre didn’t stick. Nintendo is most likely still afraid a new EarthBound title wouldn’t be well received in North America and Europe, but it’s a chance they should take. Every Nintendo 3DS owner, young and old, deserves to be introduced to a series as creative and well thought out as the EarthBound franchise.

By on 4 February 2012
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  1. WingedFish says:

    The Ice Climbers definitely deserve a reboot. They have been in 2 smash bros. games and still haven’t had a sequel since the NES. I think climbing mountains would look great on the 3DS.

  2. Stephen says:

    I agree on 1 and 4. F-Zero deserves to get a revival and so does the Mother series.

  3. AIvant says:

    I would love to see pokemon snap again!

  4. C-Olimar says:

    Nintendo should dust off a few dusty franchises. Wave Race and Ballon Fight would be good – Balloon Kid was a good platormer so that could be good in 3D, and Wave Race is simply excellent! I predict Wave Race Resort, like they did with Pilotwings!

  5. PandaStripe says:

    Pokemon Snap- Now THAT i wouldnt mind! They could put the camera, gyroscope, and AR functions to good use!!

  6. Husnain says:

    definetly F-Zero would be so cool in 3D, however I think Pokemon snap would be better when rebooted for the Wii U, seeing as the game fits perfectly

  7. Gleeok says:

    Pokemon Snap should be rebooted for the Wii U i agree completely. And yeah..Ice climber would be cool, but i guess Ballon Fight would be even more awesome!

    And F-Zero, would be awesome. They need to add a nice online multiplayer though!

  8. Grort says:

    I’ve never really got into F-Zero, deleted the ambassodor one. I’ve been dissaoppointed by Nintendo lately; It will disconnet me from MK7, even when all other software works fine online, F-Zero GBA ambasodor game was terrible and Pokemon White was the worse than SoulSilver and Diamond. Hopefully the newer Nintendo Games will be better.

  9. Kriffix says:

    @Pokémon Snap
    YES!YES!and more YES!
    Since the 3DS was unveiled I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for it. I just hope it happens.

  10. cajasp says:

    New pokemon snap would be AWESOME ^^

    Although I would play it without gyro…

    Just thought of the best idea!!! New pokemon snap and Pokemon Stadium on one cartridge! That would be amazing 😀

  11. scotty30717 says:

    I don’t think you could make a whole 3ds game-cart game on pokèmon snap. Although it’s a great game I think it would be better as a 3ds E-shop app.

  12. Kayriss says:

    I think these reboots are well on they’re way hopefully half those games mentioned will get reboots. Kid Icarus’s reboot looks promising so I know Nintendo can pull It off.

  13. Kite says:

    Pokemon Snap in 3D would be really great, makes the snapshots even cooler :3

  14. Slowbrosef says:

    Mother 1-3 remakes would be great for the 3DS.

    F-Zero would be Breathtaking and Vertigo Inducing in Full HD on the Wii U. The Tablet control can have all the gauges and info and serve as a rear view mirror while the 50 inch TV Streams the HUD-less Gameplay in widescreen at 60fps.

  15. Samrat says:

    Pokemon Snap!

  16. Oh... says:

    Without offending anyone, can I just say that this may be the greatest post on ….Ever, lol. Seriously, all five of these need to come back as 3DS and/or WiiU titles sometime in the future.

  17. WPMarshall says:

    I fully agree with an F-Zero reboot, but I think the others are dead, especially Pokemon Snap unless it can be put to good use with the WiiU tablet.

  18. JL32194 says:

    I think Wipeout should get a game on the 3DS.

  19. swordx says:

    I agree on 1, 4, and 5. I love F-Zero, and it will always remain as one of my favorite racers. I’ve also alyways wanted to play Earthbound. Ice Climber could be good if a reals story and such were added.

  20. Kayriss says:

    Also WHAT ABOUT STARTROPHICS? That game was fuckin awesome.

  21. cajasp says:

    I’ve been waiting for a new F-Zero for ages, but I think it would work better on Wii U.

    Anyone else think a cel-shaded F-zero game would be awesome?

  22. Andrew says:

    Agree with the F Zero love but has everyone forgotten Wave race apart from me? I mean the wave physics alone was ground breaking and I don’t think I’ve played anything since on any console on any generation that has come close.

    We NEED this on the 3DS.

    Oh and although I know we have Starfox remade I’d love to see a brand new game across the same lines (a pucker shooter) but even more I’d love to see the original Starfox in 3D. Download maybe?

  23. ghgfhgdfx says:

    Pokemon Snap and Ice Climbers actually seem like a great idea. I can’t imagine the rest being as good, nostalgia’s nice but not all game series can make it.

  24. Cam says:

    Mr. Game and Watch needs a game. For the 3DS. He can be 2D in 3D!

  25. Axle_Magnum says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all, especially EarthBound/Mother, but NoA can’t get past EB’s legal issues, and the creator of the series, Shigesato Itoi, stated that he won’t make another in the series.

  26. RyaKun says:

    3-5? Nah.
    2. Maybe
    1. Sure! Earthbound was pretty underrated.

    Heres a idea though….Its not nintendo series…but Megaman Battle Network would look great on the 3DS.
    I mean..the combat modes have a battleground that would look amazing with depth.
    Same with travelling the internet.

    My opinion 🙂

  27. ZakAttack says:

    We need a super smash bros for the 3ds. And minecraft too as an application.

  28. other11000 says:

    definitely pokemon snap please!:D

  29. Jin Trigger says:

    All of these expect F-Zero (which I’m not a fan of) deserves a reboot….I mean Kid Icarus got one and thanks to Super Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem made it’s US debut. I’d like to see a modernized Balloon Kid (or whatever that NES game was called :p )

  30. EriksBlue says:

    Skies of Arcadia legends, wind waker, Lost Kngdoms 1 & 2, Evolution Worlds, Killer7.

  31. QuartrGuy says:

    StarTropics. Make it happen, Nintendo.

  32. Ashley says:

    I decided to make a petition out of this for Pokemon Snap, half “why not?” to see how many people are like minded and would sign it and the other half seriously. Because that game was awesome and deserves a reboot.

  33. WilyNumber13 says:

    Decent list, though I have to disagree that Ice Climber is “one of the best” NES games. There’s probably 100 games I’d rank above it.

    Also, Earthbound actually WAS re-released once since its SNES debut. There was a Mother 1 + 2 collection on Game Boy Advance, but in Japan only.

  34. martster47 says:

    why doesnt Nintendo re-release Donkey Kong country 1 through 3 on 1 cartridge with 3D effects and high resolution, that would be awesome, the GBA versions would be better to port over as they had more secrets and added content to the games, or they can redo them from scratch with new graphics. I love those games and redo Mario all stars in 3D WOULD BE AWESOME.

  35. shawn says:

    Just port over F-Zero GX and adds cars and stages from Maximum Velocity as an extra since 3DS has Gamecube power. As for Ice climber, I downloaded on the 3DS ambassador it it sucks ass compared to Super Mario Bros cause of poor collision detection.

  36. Mango says:

    I would love to see a mother trilogy come out on 3DS, do all 3 games and don’t even have to redo the graphics.

  37. F says:

    A new Metroid game would be good (not really a reboot though)! Oh and they should make a ROB game!!

  38. Amy says:

    I so agree with F-Zero. I still love playing the original one, and F-Zero X was awesome as heck. We REALLY need a new F-Zero.

  39. Johnny says:

    Let me just say, I would buy all of those games if they came to the 3DS or even the Wii U

  40. The Kid says:

    Y U NO ACKNOWLEDGE MOTHER 3? I mean, Mother 3 was one of the best games ever. Earthbound was great too, but Mother 3 has that…. that certain…. charm, emotion, and feel that EarthBound and Mother 1 don’t have. Pokemon snap was just… Ice Climbers could work. But Mother 3, cel-shaded and styled like wind waker could do great! Like all those pictures you could find on

  41. Garfield Fan says:

    Dr.Mario, not EarthBound, and Starfy,not EEF-ZERROOH

  42. Jerry says:

    Ice Climbers, F-Zero, Pokemon Snap (It was addicting for the N64, the only flaws were lack of levels and pokemon. But that would change for the 3ds!), and Earthbound all deserve to be on the 3DS.

  43. Ian Davis says:

    If creator of ssmb wanted to start a ice climber game for the 3ds; i’d honestly want that before another ssmb. Kid Icarus was AMAZING and it left me with the wish of a new Ice Climber game. Story, Details, Gameplay, etc… Seriously wish for an ice climbers game to come soon.

  44. Manic73 says:

    I want an ice climber remake a lot but only it is not a platformer,has a story, and they have to put in a special arcadey thing to play the original.I loved pokemon snap and pokemon in general but if it’s rebooted it has to have ALL the pokemon because we all know that the game was short. F-Zero needs to come back and earthbound/mother or at least a remake.

  45. jim says:

    I think it should rather be that they bring a slew of old nes games into the limelight, such as balloon fight, ice climber, duck hunt, mach rider, and even gyromite but have rob be playable ingame and have the pipes be opperated by the 1’st player instead of having constant multiplayer.

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