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A Sequel to Mutant Mudds Will Happen Eventually

Come check out what the game’s creator has to say on the matter.

The Nintendo eShop has seen several critically successful releases over the past several months, not the least of which being Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds. Released on the eShop in North America in early 2012, the game has sold rather well and currently holds a metacritic score of 83, which is certainly nothing to gawk at. So it could easily be assumed that such a critically and commercially successful title would see a sequel someday, right? Well, according to Renegade Kid’s director, Jools Watsham, this is indeed the case.

Mutant Mudds Screen

In an interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, Watsham discusses his previous game experience and many of his current and upcoming projects; it’s certainly worth a read. Two points of interest stick out, however, regarding their successful new IP Mutant Mudds. Firstly, Jools assures European fans that he’s working on bringing the game their way.

Jools: Yes, we’re working on getting Max over to Europe now. We already received the Australian age rating, and now we’re working towards getting PEGI and USK.

In addition to this, the idea of a sequel to Mutant Mudds was also mentioned, and Watsham’s response was a very literal confirmation that he has plans to see it happen one day.

NE: Well, now that you mention it, congratulations on Mutant Mudds both commercially and critically. Will we see a sequel one day? How will you top the original?

Jools: Thank you very much. Yes, a sequel will happen one day. I must keep the details secret for now. Sorry.

Of course, with many other projects underway, including the upcoming Nintendo eShop puzzler Bomb Monkey, it’s a safe bet to assume the sequel won’t be coming out any time soon, but who knows. At least we know it will happen one day, and thankfully the original title should be on it’s way to other regions, hopefully in the not too distant future.

By on 3 May 2012
Will is a professional voice actor, lending his voice to anime, cartoons and video games; a professional improv comedian, performing live comedy with a "geeky" flair all across Canada and parts of The United States; and an avid gamer and a huge Nintendo fan. Check out his work at AnimeNewsNetwork and Synaptic Chaos Theatre, and follow Will on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Supertrickywoocheese says:

    When will this title be released in UK ???

  2. Supertrickywoocheese says:

    The Original Mutant Mudds that is….

  3. Mango says:

    It’s a very fun game, the only thing I wish it had though was maybe some bosses. It’s got alot of tough platforming though, but more interesting than alot of other stuff out there nowadays.

  4. im fed up of waiting says:

    renegade kid should hurry the fuck up. why does everyone prioritize america?! america is just a corrupt land of money grabbing fat cats.

  5. kindricks says:

    Wow man. Chill out, blame the rateing system! you have to have them view the game and have them send results back on the product so it takes a wnile when you’re based in the U.S.

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