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Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Off Investiagion And Cross-Examination

How far you’ve come, Nick!

The 3DS has had hits aplenty during the last few weeks in every corner of the globe, but Japan continues to be boasting a fair number of titles that are received long before the rest of us. One of these games is Ace Attorney 5, a title which promises to reinvigorate the much-missed series and reintroduce Phoenix Wright to the courtroom.

Capcom isn’t letting up on the goods the game has to offer either, showing off a new trailer which begins by recounting the franchise’s pixellated roots, before flaunting what’s new in this 3DS exclusive game.


This cool and confident Phoenix and his dapper attire shows all the growth and development he’s taken throughout the series to its fullest. The former rookie is now a master of his craft, but that hasn’t stopped him taking newbies under the wing.

Taking on the mantle of sidekick this time is Kikoro, master of emotions and, in true Ace Attorney style, pretty full of emotional outbursts herself. It’s not a game in this series until the female lead is plucky, peculiar and remarkably energetic, after all.

Apollo Justice is also in attendance, looking swarthy indeed in his new ensemble. It looks as if he’ll be joining the detective duo in their ongoing puruit of justice, and it’s good to see just how said justice will play out in the game. The dioramic views of investigation scenes look good, with lots of things to poke and prod at as clues are sought.

As ever, the courtroom scenes are dramatic and tense, though not without their comedic elements as the witnesses taking the stand continue to exhibit the most endearing of eccentricities. Oh, and a penchant for outright lying under oath, as is a series staple.

Surprisingly, it seems there’s downloadable costumes up for grabs too. Let’s hope these make their way to the global release!

By on 27 April 2013
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