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From the Vault: Animal Crossing 3DS Not in Development?

Update: Since this article was published, Animal Crossing has been confirmed as in development. Check the Animal Crossing hub for the latest news.

Update: Well of course Animal Crossing did eventually come to 3DS but it took a while. Still, this response from Nintendo attracted quite a bit of attention. A level of attention that would be great to have on the PS4 Pro side of things.

Since we saw a demo of Animal Crossing back in July, we haven’t had a shred of new information about it. Compare the lack of news in our Animal Crossing hub with the numerous articles for Nintendogs, Professor Layton, Kid Icarus or any other game developed by Nintendo.

This may be our last look at Animal Crossing on 3DS for a long time.

Why the short supply of Animal Crossing information? In an interview with 3DS Buzz, James Honeywell, Nintendo UK’s head of marketing, seemed to be telling us that what we saw at E3 wasn’t necessarily a game in production, but rather a demonstration of what was possible.

…the demo was shown at E3 to showcase how an Animal Crossing game could and might look running on 3DS.

Contrast that with his answer to our questions about release dates for Zelda OoT, Mario Kart 3DS and Paper Mario 3DS, where he specifically stated that, “…they are very much in development for 3DS.”


Could Animal Crossing go the way of Mario 128?

Now it could be nothing, but James Honeywell’s statement along with the lack of news on the game, point towards a long wait for Animal Crossing fans.

More from the interview coming tomorrow.

By on 27 April 2013
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. The Deester says:

    NOOOO, That one big mayjor Game i wanted to get!!!!! O please let it come out!

    O & FIRST!!!!

  2. Isaac says:

    Look at city folk. It was announced really early, but it took years for it to turn up. I expect we will see AC on the 3ds eventually (even if it has been scrapped), but it could be years down the line.

  3. 3Dbrains says:

    its not a very active and fun game. It is very slow paced and nothing cool happens. I played my wii version which i bought wii speak for only about 3 weeks and got very bored. I wasnt collecting anything fun and a lot of the game didnt feel like a game and more of a chore.
    I’m not fussed this isnt coming to 3DS.
    I am over the moon that Mariokart is in full dev now.

  4. Mello says:

    Gutted if this is true. AC is one of my favourite Nintendo games, and along with Mario Kart, was one of the games that got me so keen on the 3DS. It’s not for everyone but for those who like it it’s a pretty significant game.

    Didn’t Nintendo (Japan) say it was TBC, but 2011? I’m not sure I’m as likely to consider what Nintendo UK say as fact compared to the Japanese and American branches, which seem more informed and reliable to me…hopefully it is still going to come out later in the year as it looked really nice at the UK preview events.

  5. thecookieclub says:

    well i doubt they they say that you take control of a mayor postion redo charcter models show it in 3ds game trailer have it the ONM show scrreenshots and then say forget it. or hes hinting that the charcter models are getting redone or they adding things. its nintendo who we can trust! its nintendo who we love and who get there jobs done!

  6. johnson says:

    Animal crossing sucked since GC anyway so it better go back and reinnovate

  7. kevin says:

    if animal crossing doesnt come out im not getting the 3ds until it does and i think otherwise there is a release date for it when you preorder your 3ds its june 2nd like all the other great games.

  8. Tipsd9video says:

    Nope, it’s on all the 3DS line-up videos, it’s a real game.

  9. Jeanne says:

    After reading this back a month or so ago, I emailed Nintendo direct asking about this. They responded quickly and assured me that it is in development and I should keep my eyes on Nintendo pages for future announcements about it.

  10. Dillyn says:

    There’s no way that the game would be scrapped. Animal crossing is one of Nintendo’s lead franchises, it almost HAS to come out on 3DS. That being said, I’m more than sure that we’ll be waiting till atleast 2012 before we hear anything more about it. Screenshots and previews were released nearly a year ago and no word since on it’s release. I’m guessing it will come out september 15th 2012…10 years after the original came out (in the US).

  11. sandy says:

    Nope this is true animal crossing 3ds will eventually come out as i have seen it up on eb games new comming releases sign so it will come out soon 🙂

  12. Sir.Sims says:

    PLEASE RELEASE IT FOR NINTENDO 3DS! This would be incredible with new features and stuff…

  13. JakeL says:

    AC is a great series, but they seriously need some new brains behind it. All of the AC games had much more potential, that would have taken a simple tweak or two. I guess what I’m saying is, I hope we don’t have to buy a whole new console (basically) and a game at twice the price of a portable game, to only be disappointed by another copy of the other games with an added 3D gimmick.

  14. Someone says:


    There is, you just have to find the exciting parts such as the able sister’s story. How to do it? You have to figure it out because that’s what makes a game fun 😀

  15. emma says:

    i would have brought the 3DS just to play this game shame

  16. A Fan Xxx says:

    OMGGG! Nintendo HAVE to release it soon! I got my 3DS with Nitendogs and Cats whIch is the only game I can go on! PLS RELEASE IT!

  17. Liz says:

    Ac is the best game out there! I hope the 3ds version has more levels at home to decorate more shops more ways to earn money . Waited years for an updated version! Not sure how to get the gallery full! Fish n bones all done :.) also to be able to decorate the garden ie, wash pole fountain BBQ etc etc :.) can’t wait xxx

  18. Chris says:

    Actually the nintendo sales sheets project that animal crossing and several of these allegedly “scrapped” games are actually projected to come out in 2011. Also if you think about it this way, maybe they are waiting until around July to start posting more stuff, or E3 that way people begin to get hyped and won’t lose the hype since the games will most likely come out around November for the holiday season. If they gave screenshots for 2 years then the hype could die down, and they’d run out of things to show. However by waiting and giving little at a time they make the few screen shots and videos that are available to feel much more valuable. That way when people hear new screen shots or videos of animal crossing just came out they rush to see it rather than just say, “Oh more?” and shrug it off. If this is true then it is a pretty interesting marketing technique.

  19. Jamie says:

    Don’t worry at all about this. Animal crossing 3ds is in progress and comes out August 2,2011. The June 2 thing was just made up. Information should be coming out the 16th of june

  20. Jack says:

    @Jamie Whats happening on 16th June? And i heard it was August 2nd 2011 also.

  21. CLH says:

    I LOVE Animal Crossing series!!! I’ve seen a lot of information coming out about AC:3DS, yet everyone says there’s NOTHING out about it. You’re a mayor of the village with an “eager secretary”, a female dog whose name is unknown, and you can go and swim in the ocean, there’s lampposts, benches you sit on, beehives, parties, and you can have a TENT for a house!!! I don’t know yet if you have to unlock it, but if I find out, I’ll try to share the info. If you have an updated 3DS and you go into the e-Shop, if you search “Animal Crossing”, you’ll find the free downloadable trailer!

  22. CLH says:

    Some people say it’s supposed to be out on August the 2nd, 2011, but GameStop told me it would be out by (sadly) SEPTEMBER… I understand that GameStop isn’t exactly the most RELIABLE source… but hey! There’s many different possibilities in the world. ANYTHING could happen. <—- (Change of subject)
    Anyways, I'm getting AC:3DS for my birthday FOR SURE!!! Can't wait! Good luck to all who have to save up…

  23. CLH says:

    Also, go to this link for pics:

    Thank you, and You’re welcome to all I’m helping. (Right now I’m practically researching for more info about this because I’m so OBSESSED with this, and I might as well put use to my time! =D ) If you know any good sources of info, please post it here, I have this page BOOKMARKED!!! Ha ha, thanks!

  24. CLH says:

    Well, I’m going to TRY to check this everyday (so far succeeding)! When I find more links that have SOOO much good info that I wouldn’t be able to type it all, or if I find good links for stuff you post saying you need more, I’ll post it! I will be “studying” (I have nothing else to do) over Summer vacation… So make up for what I’m doing by having fun!

  25. CLH says:

    Here’s most of the links I found: (Google helps 8D)…/gallery/…/animal-crossing-3ds-to-be-biggest-departure-for-series/

  26. CLH says:

    I agree with you, and my mom really likes it, because it’s “educational”. It is, in a fun way! It gets you ready for your future. It gives you responsibility that doesn’t matter, yet shows what will happen if you’re trusted. This game is educational and fun, and that is why I love and recommend it. My brother had AC:WW one day, and I’m glad he did. He doesn’t play it anymore, but he started me and my other siblings on it, and now only me and my twin play it, but we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Though we both love it equally, I was the one who devoted myself enough to buy the 3ds… I saved up even though HE had enough… But hey, at least I will be the mayor, if there’s multiple players! He’ll be the regular citizen. Thanks for reading my feelings for this game! 8D

  27. CLH says:

    I just found this link that tells that there was Summer Campers in the GameCube version of AC. It is unknown if they will return, though they might, because there’s the tents again, if you’ve seen the trailer. Here’s the link!:

    This means that many missed things may return! Who’s happy about that? I AM! (I really don’t know why…) Many people want old townsfolk to return to the game. So, this is good news! Soon, we might hear that the town will be huge- or even the “kingdom”! Possibly, the train station and its little monkey owner will return from the GameCube! Who knows?

    Well, time to look for more exciting news! See ya!

  28. CLH says:

    Oh, I knew this a while ago, but look what I forgot to do? TYPE IT… anyways, here it goes: you can creep up on insects so that they don’t fly away when they’re sitting settled on a flower and you get too close. But I’m not sure if when you touch the flower, they fly away or not. As soon as November 16th ends, I’ll have the information… Hehehe!!! 030

  29. JDS says:

    I’m on my 3DS internet browser right now.^^

  30. acww pro says:

    i just got my 3ds…..i bought it for animal crossing XD lol also this web browser is fast

  31. CLH says:

    CLH :
    Here’s most of the links I found: (Google helps 8D)

    Copy the link you want to go to if it’s not red……/gallery/…/animal-crossing-3ds-to-be-biggest-departure-for-series/

  32. CLH 0~F T~o says:

    I changed my name, hope you guys like it?
    The 0~F T~o makes a face: 0o are eyes, ~~ is blush, F T is smiling mouth.

  33. CLH 0~FT~o says:

    It looked messed up, so I fixed it… Look above…

  34. CLH 0~FT~o says:

    I fixed my name, hope you like it!!!

  35. CLH 0~FT~o says:

    Oh, by the way, there’s some fun games to play while you wait for the release date of this game! Play the older games of Animal Crossing, so that way you will be surprised about “all the changes”! But, I’m certain you WILL like the changes from the first game you got to the 3ds version when it comes out! Have fun!!!

  36. CLH 0~FT~o says:

    Also, if you have a 3ds and you are in need of friends, here is my fc, and you post your fc saying you want friends. Thanks! (Add me on “Internet”)



  37. CLH 0~FT~0 says:


  38. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    That link may not be related to the passage above, but is still a good link to go to. It’s not about AC, though. It’s a new user group on YouTube that is called “The BeanGreenes”, and in real life, they’re actually related (twins: Kylie/Kyle, big sis:Morgan). I proved this, because how else would they be able to make, film, and upload a video everyday? Also, I know them in real life… If you watch their second video to the end and see my two comments before this, you’ll know what I mean…

  39. Sandra says:

    I can’t wait! I hope this game is released this year!!
    Also @CLH I’ll be your friend^^

  40. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    Thx so much, Sandra! You’re my first 3ds friend! Have you seen the YouTube channel for the Bean Greenes? It’s hilariously stupid… In a good way, of course (don’t be a hater!!!)

  41. Heroine Pandora says:

    @CLH 0~FT~0
    Well, I mostly only lurk on forums like this, so it will probably be my only post, but I am excited to meet others excited for the new Animal Crossing so I guess its okay. IF you want to be my friend… My code is 0903 2747 6895

  42. Heroine Pandora says:

    Oh, and Sandra, too if you want. I’m shy and don’t have many friends. And I’m not really used to forums. 0„~„0

  43. Mew says:

    Hay, I’m really excited about this also! I’ve been looking everywhere and so far I’ve found mostly “fiscal year 2011” I also found that most people believe that it will be released around the same time as city folk did e.g. sep-nov. I saw 1 oct 25 date too. I’d love to be your friend but where’s the friend code for my 3ds?

  44. Mew says:

    Oops, I found it 😛 I made my mii like that, I had no idea it would be permanent 0.0 Wouldn’t it be great if it came out aug 2? xP Here lemme get it

  45. Mew says:

    Laugh at my mii all you want xD

  46. user237 says:

    you can pre-purchase AC 3DS on

  47. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    Your mii isn’t permanent, go to MiiMaker and select ”View Mii Characters”. Then select the odd mii & select the “Edit” button. Then change the mii however you like!

  48. Mew says:

    Ok, thanks! I’m apparently out of it, I’ve had the 3ds since it came out… I hope the new ac comes out soon, its the main reason I bought the 3ds.

  49. Mew says:

    @user237 What? Really, thats great, but I just want to know when its coming out D:

  50. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    lol mew, guess what? u can create a status message, 2! i really would like 2 communicate with u over 3ds, so here’s 2 that!

  51. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    go 2 friend list. go on2 ur icon & select “write message”. & voile!!!

  52. Heroine Pandora says:

    You can add me too, Mew, if you want. If you need my code again it’s: 0903-2747-6895

  53. Mew says:

    Really, CLH? Thats great 😀

    I’ll add you heroine 😀 thx for re-posting fc 😀

  54. Mew says:

    Ac confirmed for end of fiscal year 2011. Nintendo’s fiscal year ends march 31. Next year spring release, guys.

  55. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    idk… hope not! lol my mom promised 2 get it 4 me 4 my b-day, november 16… 😮

  56. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    :rolleyes: well, i just have 2 live w/ it…

  57. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    wtf image didn’t show… :rolleyes: lets hope it works NOW?

  58. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    NOPE :angry:

  59. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    welllllllll 😡

  60. CLH 0~FT~0 says:


  61. Mew says:

    Huh, yeah anytime before that is better.

  62. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    i’m excited like h#// about ac:3ds @ 10:25 P.M. so yea…

  63. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    w8 a sec, r u in uk, cuz this seems like a uk website, & i’m not in uk… (do emotes work on 3ds? Let’s find out!) :wink

  64. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    i c wut i did wrong… 😉

  65. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    does eyerolling work? :rolleyes:

  66. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    mebbe it’s :roIIeyes: (capitol i)

  67. CLH 0~FT~0 says:


  68. Mew says:

    Wut no xD

    I’m in western time zone, ca xP

  69. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    lol idk……..

  70. Mew says:

    ok. this is dead. 🙁

  71. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    wuts wrong?

  72. RAWR says:

    I have recieved a release date from one of the most popular game creators in Japan, but it’s classified, so I can’t tell you guys

  73. RAWR says:

    I’ll give u a hint…the month’s name starts with a letter in between A and Z

  74. Mew says:

    It’s so classified it’ll be released at E3 2012 :bada$$: about 56 days to go 😀

  75. Mew says:

    It’s so classified it’ll be released at E3 2012 :btchplz: about 56 days to go 😀

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