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Animal Resort Gets a Release Date

Animal Resort, or Animal Resort: Let’s Build a Zoo (to give it it’s full title) gets a release date.

Maybe not the most news-worthy of stories, but Animal Resort: Let’s Build a Zoo has a release date, and it is set for release in Japan on May 19th costing  ¥4,980, with a European and North American release to come shortly after.

Animal Resort is a Zoo Simulator, made by Marvelous Entertainment, a company maybe most famous for it’s Harvest Moon games. In Animal Resort you start out by building a Zoo and operating and running the daily business and everyday occurences that happen around your little Zoo. Zoo Tycoon and other simulation fans should love it. While if you are looking for something new this is a good place to start, it’s nice to see the 3DS already has a nice looking library of titles that offer the gamer lots of different options.

You can check out the website below for videos and additional screenshots of the game. The graphics certainly look impressive, with amazing detail on the 3DS Console, and you can only wonder what the 3D looks like.


By on 5 April 2011

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  1. Marquis says:

    Hopefully this improves.
    Some old gameplay videos made it look really bad. 🙁

  2. DinoMan13 says:

    Again, I hope you can place objects… HINT HINT!

  3. Deester says:

    Cool, looks good, i look forward to it!

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