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Aqua Blue 3DS Discontinued

Bad news for anybody hoping to see a localised version of Japan’s ‘Spot TV’, too…

Endangered species

The 3DS is available in many purdy colours. They just keep a-comin’ too, such as the recently announced ‘Midnight Purple’ model (so named because, um, at midnight everything, er… turns purple?). Go on, admit it; you have a favourite 3DS colour, right? If you do and that colour is Aqua Blue, well… if you haven’t already bought one, you’d better hurry and snap one up. Nintendo has announced that it is to stop manufacturing the 3DS in that particular flavour.

Announced on the official Japanese Nintendo site (and clarified by reliable translator Andriasang), 3DS units are no longer to be made coloured with that lovely shiny blue; despite it being one of the launch colours and, of course, being available for just over one year. No reason was given for the decision to discontinue Aqua Blue. Perhaps it’s just not selling very well, or the paint used is poisonous, or that particular shade of blue makes anybody who stares at it for more than seven seconds really angry.

You may know about the so-called ‘Spot TV’ service in Japan. Basically it provides original 3DTV content made especially for the 3DS, which is delivered via SpotPass; and this, too, is being discontinued. Next month, in fact. At least we still get music videos and – in Europe at least – Shaun the Sheep shorts… and, sadly, unfunny Eurosport blooper rolls and (shudder) Sky TV ads.

By on 11 May 2012
Staff writer for 3DS Buzz. Emperor and co-owner of Likes kebabs.

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  1. J.T says:

    Too bad.

  2. Sam Walker says:

    I love the Eurosport ones! Sure, some of them aren’t too good, but there are some absolute gems in there.

  3. Maxx says:

    I’ve got 2 of these 😀 glad i could pick it up in time

  4. Adam Ulivi says:

    Cool, so the blue one I have is now (unofficially) a limited edition.

    • Green Link says:

      I bet you the price of them will go up (on ebay and other places). I don’t think I’ll sell mine though.

    • Alex says:

      That’s just like saying my regular white wii is limited edition because they’re going to discontinue it someday.

  5. C-Olimar says:

    In the UK at least it is the best selling colour, so unless there is a more serious reason than it not selling I doubt they would discontinue it over here.

  6. Lumine1412 says:

    Probably will be explained in E3

  7. Me. says:

    Maybe it’s because of the cobalt blue? Maybe they thought that two blues would be too much. Still, this seems somewhat odd…

  8. T.Finland says:

    I’ve always thought the blue one is the most popular one :/ I still kinda do.

  9. anon12 says:


  10. Conor Porteous (@conor3000) says:

    So I may just have a limited edition type 3DS? That’s only if it’s discontinued in America, Europe and everywhere else.

  11. Rev says:

    It was a different colour to have at launch, but now red’s and others are available it’s just not going to be popular anymore sadly

  12. Pseudonymous says:

    Huh, strange. I guess Aqua Blue didn’t sell enough units to keep production flowing. Too bad. I thought that shade was quite iconic for the 3DS.

  13. Landon says:

    I really hope my 3DS, which is aqua blue, isn’t painted with poisonous paint…

    • Pseudonymous says:

      Poisonous paint? That’s… unlikely. It’s not a recall, they’re just stopping production.

  14. Robbie says:

    what if these become worth alot of money and you could sell them on E-bay for like $300

  15. Lis4Real25 says:

    3DS making me angry? That’s absurd. (looks at Aqua Blue 3DS.)

    Truthfully though, it’s cool my 3DS is special, since no more of it will be made. 😉

  16. Nyck says:

    dang. 10 years+entire 3ds discontinued= BIG $

  17. KartRacer says:

    My friend has a blue one.
    I’ll warn him about the poisonous paint…

  18. 009900 says:

    i was hoping to get a aqua blue in the summer then i heard about colbalt blue i am getting colbalt blue 🙂

  19. Shawn says:

    It got replaced by the even more kiddy Gamecube purple color.

  20. Rarar says:

    Nooooooooooooo! My parents said they’ll get me a 3DS if I do good in my exams…the results come 24th August and the Aqua Blue 3DS is the one I want! Is it going to be discontinued in Europe too?

  21. Thomas says:

    “The Nintendo Japan website was updated recently saying it was ending production of the Aqua Blue 3DS. A Nintendo of America spokesperson told Game Informer, “We have nothing to announce about the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS in our territory at this time.””

    It has only been discontinued in Japan, so far. I don’t know anything about Europe, though.

  22. benja(Mii)n says:

    Oh well. I’ve still got my black one from launch but if anything were to happen I would get the white version instead.

  23. maria says:

    y?? dats just stupid..oh well i gt one in dat colour!!!!! xD

  24. Sam Walker says:

    It’s only discontinued in Japan. What a surprise…

  25. emily says:

    what i hope thats just a lie anyways i already got a blue 3ds ha.

  26. emily says:

    i already got one so i dont got a probblem

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