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Are You Britain’s Fastest Family?

Do you and your grandmother share a need for speed?

We’ve all had a lot of fun with Mario Kart 7 since it’s launch last December, haven’t we? It offered one of the Nintendo mascot’s finest racing games yet and gave us all great opportunity to beat our friends on family on a selection of different courses. By now we’ve got all the trophies and unlocked all the characters, so what’s left? If you live in the UK and think your family has got the need for speed, you can now enter Nintendo’s Britain’s Fastest Family competition!

Think you have what it takes? This summer you’ll be able to enter the tournament with the regionals taking place across England, Scotland and Wales this August. If you manage to get through that, you’ll be offered a seat in the Grand Finals in October.

Like any good tournament, there are several rules that apply: You can only enter the tournament in teams of two, obviously consisting of family members with at least one being over the ages of 18. There must also be an age gap of ten years between the team members, both of whom must be residents of Great Britain.

There’s a ton of great prizes up for grabs here. If you prove yourselves to be the fastest family at your regional competition of choice, you’ll be in for a year’s worth of Nintendo 3DS games for free! That is a crazy prize! On top of that, the winners of the Grand Final will be in for a real treat: A brand new Honda Jazz Si. I don’t know much about cars, but I’m fairly sure a brand new one is a pretty great prize. The winner will also be present with a Mario Kart 7 trophy.

Interested? You can find your nearest tournament location here. Good luck to all 3DSBuzzers, and be sure to let us know if you plan on entering.

By on 11 June 2012
Adam Sparks is a 24 year old goofball who just happened to get a job writing for you fine folk. He is a fan of many things ranging from fantasy novels like Mistborn to eSports like StarCraft 2; and he's just as passionate about both! There is a special place in his heart for pandas and Darkwing Duck.

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  1. NXGamer says:


  2. F says:

    Honda Jazz is a car for grannies do more reason for them to enter!

  3. Cam says:

    I haven’t played MK7 since April. I lost it 🙁 either I find it or I’ll buy it again!

  4. Klobb says:

    This is why I wish I lived in Wales like my ancestors 🙁

  5. Snowmadboy says:

    Does anyone know a way to see the fastest laps in Mario Kart 7?

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