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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Has A Job System For Your Heroes… And Their Enemies!

Unemployment never seems an issue in the Bravely Default world, since you can take someone’s job by kicking his butt in battle. Nice!

More and more details are blissfully blossoming for the upcoming Square-Enix 3DS RPG masterpiece, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

We know it’s got AR, sweet scenery, traditional battling, and we’ve even met two of the protagonists. But now, details are emerging about the game’s job system.

Tiz In Town

No need to look for your local Job Centre, Tiz! You advance your career by violence, huzzah!

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy isn’t exactly breaking new ground by having a ‘job system’ for its heroes. It’s a standard RPG trope, after all; but given the game’s penchant for blending the old and the new, it’s how you can get new jobs to assign to your party that’s the key.

Andriasang have reported that the latest instalment of Japan’s Jump has dropped more details on the game’s jobs. In this game, you’re not the only one with jobs. Some enemies, nicknamed in Andriasang’s report as ‘Job Masters’, have them too!

Apparently, a trio of militant ne’er-do-wells from the mighty kingdom of Ertania take to the skies during the course of the game. They’re hunting down the lovely wind shrine maiden, Agnes (or ‘Anies’ in Andriasang’s report).

However, each member of this crack trio of enemies is a Job Master. One is a White Mage, one is a Black Mage, and the other is a Monk. By defeating these three hoodlums, you’ll unlock these very classes to assign to your Bravely Default protagonists.

This seems to be a core gameplay mechanic. Naturally, changing jobs for your character will alter their abilities, as well as their role in battle. You wouldn’t send a White Mage, typically a healing class in Square-Enix games, to wade into the fray single-handedly, for example.

Additionally, each job will come with an outfit into which the character taking said vocation will change. We’re hoping Tiz can get a lovely pointy wizard hat!

It’s unknown as of yet how many Job Masters are in the game, or even how many jobs in total. No matter how much we learn about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, it seems more questions will always inevitably follow…

By on 3 May 2012
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