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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Soon To Surpass 300,000 Sales In Japan

The hot new Square-Enix franchise is already receiving sequel-talk.

In Japan, they’ve been enjoying the delights of many Nintendo 3DS games Western gamers can only dream of. Ranking highly among them is the roleplaying epic that is Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a game that combines the RPG moxie of Square-Enix with fresh new twists and ideas only the 3DS could successfully pull off.

We’ve yet to see this game in our territories, and the sliver of hope that was Square-Enix’s All The Bravest tease turned out to be a Final Fantasy smartphone game that’s received plenty of negative attention for its ubiquitous microtransactions. But according to a 4Gamer report translated by Siliconera, Bravely Default has done pretty nicely for itself in its homeland.

Box Art

Oh coquettish fairy, don’t you know we long for your game?

The game’s sneaking up on or, at the time of writing, could easily have surpassed 300,000 sales in Japan. That’s pretty good going, especially for a new intellectual property. As such, the game’s producer Tomoya Hayano is cheerful at this milestone, and rightly so.

Not just this, but he and his team are apparently continuing to listen to fan feedback for sequel ideas. Lucky for Japan!

As for us, we’re still waiting. Will the game see similar success on a worldwide level? Unless Square-Enix elect to localise it, we may never know!

By on 29 January 2013
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