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Code Of Princess Tutorial Video

Another gameplay tutorial video to get your mouth watering. Well, that, and the skimpy princess.

The upcoming multiplayer brawler Code of Princess has been getting some attention lately.

No, not because of the skimpily-dressed princess character. Well okay, that probably helps, but the game is looking real spiffy as well.

Much like Kid Icarus Uprising, the developer has uploaded their tutorial video online, showcasing the basic mechanics of the game. Apparently preparing players in advance is becoming a fad now.

If you can pry your eyes off the supple sword-wielding soldier for a few seconds, you may find yourself intrigued by the fluid mechanics this game is promoting. Learn to block, dodge, chain combos, and dispatch legions of enemies who are armed far more appropriately than your quirky crew.

Code of Princess still hasn’t been confirmed for Western release, but given the cult audience for Guardian Heroes and the universal language of hot girls slaughtering hundreds of enemies, the chances are high that we’ll get a confirmation soon.


By on 8 February 2012

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    Interesting. I wonder if you can get off some nice combos in that system.

    Apart from that: Necromancer doesn’t seem very talkative. And the idle animation of that princess…

  2. mario123 says:


  3. Samrat says:


  4. Dr.Goomba says:

    Given those “movement” effects, I doubt it’ll come to the US.
    Y U NO?!

  5. Testament says:

    Why is it the west seems to get all the crappy games while the decent games come out for JP only release, “Sigh” I really hat the damn region lock.

  6. FireEmblem2 says:

    Can anyone speak/write/read/understand Japenese??

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