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Colors! 3D Gets An Official North American Release Date

You won’t have to wait much longer, either.

One of the biggest upcoming Nintendo eShop release actually isn’t a “game” at all, but rather a 3D painting “application”. I speak of course about Colors! 3D, which has gained a lot of interest over the past several months; they’ve even released samples of paintings that are viewable on your Nintendo 3DS browser in full 3D.

Colors 3D! 1

Click this picture to view the game's logo in full 3D on your Nintendo 3DS' browser.

It’s been mentioned in the past that Colors! 3D would be arriving on the North American eShop in early 2012, and it’s even been narrowed down to April specifically, but a tweet from Jens Andersson, one of the developers behind the painting app, has just confirmed the exact date that Colors! 3D will hit the Nintendo eShop. Those of us in The US and Canada can expect to find the app available for download on Thursday, April 5th.

If you’re having trouble tiding yourself over until the release of Colors! 3D, head on over to their website,, to check out some awesome samples of what can be done when the full version releases in just over two weeks!

By on 22 March 2012
Will is a professional voice actor, lending his voice to anime, cartoons and video games; a professional improv comedian, performing live comedy with a "geeky" flair all across Canada and parts of The United States; and an avid gamer and a huge Nintendo fan. Check out his work at AnimeNewsNetwork and Synaptic Chaos Theatre, and follow Will on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. mario123 says:

    first comment and i live in na so yay 😀

  2. Netbook says:

    What about Europe? I have been waiting ages for this!

  3. BlueYoshi says:

    I’m sooooo excited! The example paintings in the eShop video look A-MAZ-ING!

  4. imPorked says:

    Will this be a free app like the predecessor used to be?

  5. Gabe says:

    Is it free?!

  6. how does gamefly work says:

    Really? I’ve been getting new 360 releases from gamefly all year. And In 3 years never had not send me anything. Maybe you have way to many or few games in your Q? I keep it at about 10. Maybe you need to talk to customer service? But let me tell I have gotten some top 360 and Wii games within a week of release (one being Darkness).

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