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3DS Buzz is the ultimate resource for the fastest selling games console in history. At least that was always the goal, and personally, I think we have achieved it.

Our wonderful team of writers has grown in size, shape and skill over the past few years, making sure we produce more 3DS-related news stories and original features than any other website on the entire Internet (including certain wellknown games websites run by billion dollar corporations)!

A brilliant team of moderators and admins ensure that our lively and swanky new forum/chatroom/social network is the friendliest place to meet and discuss with fellow gamers online.

The extraordinary dedication of our wiki editors means that our Game Hubs contain more information about each 3DS game than Wikipedia.

Our dedicated community manager makes sure our forum, wiki and social media profiles are always fun and entertaining places to visit.

And then there’s me, Adam. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve things like; fancy new search features, quicker loading pages, automated price comparisons, You Buzz, and mobile browsing to name a few.

Thanks to my work at with Site Fresh, we are able to reward our readers with free games and free games consoles.

Most importantly, thanks to our readers and community members, we are inspired to keep improving. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you!

And finally, an extra big “thank you” to those readers who support us by spreading the word about 3DS Buzz. They tell their friends about us through social networks, forums, and their mouths. Because of that, we think they are totally awesome!


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Adam Ulivi (UK)

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Sam Walker (UK)

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Luke Kemp (UK)

Jordan Bayes (USA)
Jorge Fernandez (USA)
Rikki Wortman (UK)
Will Wood (Canada)
Ben Bertoli (USA)

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Peter D.ย (Canada) – Assistant Editor, Forum Community Manager

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We really welcome comments and site feedback. It’s great to hear your opinions and if this site has been useful to people; which, occasionally, it is. It’s great to get your comments but we moderate them for a reason. We get rid of spam, obviously. We don’t allow anyone to insult anyone else. Some people seem to think it’s acceptable to be rude to complete strangers online; well, it’s not here, so we will delete any signs of that. Pointless comments which don’t provide an opinion or thought may get deleted, too. This site and the contests run on it are supported by online retailers so some comments promoting other retailers could be removed. Constructive criticism of this site or products is not just allowed, but strongly encouraged. This is all standard stuff that you’ll find on practically all blogs (in fact, we’re pretty liberal) but we just felt we needed to explain why comments are moderated.


  1. Joel says:

    Without Satoru Iwata the Nintendo 3DS wouldn't exist.

  2. valentine says:

    Yea man. I agree with the Guy on top The domain is just too……complicated I think. A simple one would have been much better.

  3. Adam Leavi says:

    I have which is less complicated but I'm sticking with this one.

  4. T-Haha you thought I would tell you didn't you! says:

    Theres loads more news on Animal Crossing over the web could you please post something else apart from the fact its confirmed?

  5. MICK O HANRAHAN says:


  6. HaHa-No says:

    No. You can’t. It’s region locked. Where’ve you been?

  7. nintendo-3ds-boy says:


    it matters where he is if hes in europe and lives there the games will work cause hes using euro games (pal) so where have yo been

  8. Azza825 says:

    any news on Excitebikes for the european/uk eshop, has it been confirmed to be free like the japanese/american eshop or will we have to pay?

  9. Sam Walker says:

    It’s free in Europe also until 7th July.

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  11. Mario guy 12312321 says:

    Hi i just wanted to say that the eshop in under maintenance its really big news!

  12. Peter John says:

    Hi Adam, just wondered if you know anything about a Japanese 3ds game called “Hana to Ikimo no Rittai Zukan”? Its basically like an encyclopedia about birds, flowers etc for the 3ds. It was released in Japan last September. Do you happen to know if Nintendo plan to release it for Europe? This is the kind of game I prefer, but these type of games seem few and far between. Please let me know if you know anything about it. Thanks

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      Hi Peter! While that kind of game has a place in Japan, it is rare to see anything of that sort come to Europe or the United States. Your best chance to get it would be to import a Japanese 3DS as well as the game. There is always the off chance you could see it hit outside of Japan but I highly doubt it.

      Sorry ๐Ÿ™

      • Peter says:

        Thanks for your reply Jordan, Ive only just seen it!! (My computer plays up a lot!) Nevermind, it just seemed such a good game. I’ll try and be content with the Professor Layton series! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Zok says:

    I just noticed Sam’s name is still there… I wish that were true… ๐Ÿ™

  14. Tales says:

    Hi, I just wanted to comment on something. I’ve noticed that Tony White does a lot of the writing on here. I think you should let some of the other writers write more. I find it difficult to read Tony’s writing sometimes, it’s like he uses a thesaurus every other word. It’s not a pleasant thing to have to read every time I come back here.

  15. Peter says:

    I just want to say that I really enjoy Tony’s posts!! He gives us interesting news along with much enthusiasm, which is very important in posting gaming news!! Keep writing Tony!! Thanks for the excellent posts and all the information you give us. Peter

  16. Peter says:

    Hi. I just wondered if anyone knows about the new Professor Layton Miracle Mask game problem? I can’t seem to download the new games (one a day for a year) Ive noticed many others also having this problem. You get the same message “an error occurred” and when you follow on screen directions the problem remains the same. Do yu hav any idea about the problem or any news? Thanks.

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