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Dragon Quest VII Features A Stone Shard Radar

Makes finding those pesky pieces that bit easier!

Much fuss is being made of Dragon Quest VII‘s stone tablets, each of which seem fractured into fragments scattered throughout the gameworld. Though we all heard yesterday of that somewhat wacky McDonalds minigame cross-promotion, the full and real game has a few tricks up its sleeve for fragment hunting too.

Siliconera has helpfully given the latest on the game’s development. It seems that not only is there a plucky new character who helps players with hints of the fragments’ whereabouts, but there’s also an integrated radar system within the game.



Of course, it’s a hint system rather than an outright game breaker, or so we hope. Dragon Quest games are notorious for their many scattered secrets, with the 3DS revamp of Dragon Quest VII set to continue that fine tradition. StreetPass is said to be a way for the stone pieces to be exchanged, but for the most part players will have to get their adventurin’ boots on and hightail it throughout the scattered realms for those precious trinkets.

Whilst the report indicates that the radar notifies the player if a shard is ‘close’, it doesn’t specify how close exactly. We’re left wondering how this will play out in the final game. Will it act like a ‘hot and cold’ kind of minigame where the radar beeps faster as the treasure gets closer? Or is it a simple notification that lets the player do most of the legwork, at least armed with the knowledge that a doodad is nearby?

Dragon Quest VII hits the 3DS in its native Japan on February 7th 2013. A global release date is yet to be announced, but we would be both surprised and disappointed (…surprippointed?) if it doesn’t come to European, American and Oceanic 3DS fans alike.

By on 29 December 2012
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