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Dragon Quest VII Ships A Million In Japan

Square-Enix has high expectations of its latest 3DS release in the motherland.

In all likelihood, it probably goes without saying now that Japan loves a bit of the old Dragon Quest. Originally the brainchild of RPG stalwarts Enix, the series has only grown and expanded since Enix and Squaresoft merged back in the day to become – you guessed it – Square-Enix.

The seventh instalment of this storied series is held in high regard by many a gamer, and with the Japanese rerelease exclusive to the 3DS now on the shelves, it seems Square-Enix has high hopes for the ambitious RPG.



Once again proving their translation moxie, Siliconera has helped shed some light on a recent Famitsu report. It seems a million copies of Dragon Quest VII have been sent out into the wilderness of Japanese retail by Square-Enix.

Remember though, a million games shipped isn’t the same as a million games sold. The hotly anticipated title has only recently been released in Japan, though with the impact the Dragon Quest name has out there it’s safe to say Square-Enix isn’t exactly caught in hubris by making so many copies of the game available.

Apparently we’ll be able to see later in the week just how many of those shipped games made it into the hands of eager gamers. Will Dragon Quest VII see a strong retail debut?

More pertinently, how about a global release announcement, Square-Enix? Go on, we’ll be your Valentine and everything!

By on 12 February 2013
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