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Expect Plenty Of Extra Content In The 3DS Version Of Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

Assuming it makes it to a global release, of course!

There’s more than one monster-battling franchise on the market, you know, even though a certain one generally springs to mind more than others whenever talk of the genre emerges. However, many fans are pleased to see that the recent PSP Digimon title is being revamped for a 3DS release as Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.

Siliconera has begun to delve into exactly what we can expect from the game, presuming it ever makes it out of Japan of course. The information has been translated from a Japanese Famitsu report. The 3DS port and its added extras apparently is 80% complete and due to hit Japan this year.


Stand aside, PSP! The 3DS version is packing some extra goodies!

With the game’s balance apparently adjusted and plenty more Digimon to meet and battle in the game (which, including bosses, apparently numbers over 200), it’s evident that Namco-Bandai wants the 3DS instalment to be the definitive version of the game.

Two new story arcs are promised, but only information of ‘Lament Of The X-Antibody’ is available right now. It centres around the Yggdrasil computer endeavouring to counter the evil efforts of the antagonists, the AI Vitium. Sordid!

But new gameplay features will appear alongside the storyline additions. The Decode Level is a percntage which displays on your Digimon’s status menu. The better the numbers, the better your battling companion’s stats. Every monster battling videogame needs stats!

Meanwhile, the Digitter is some form of communicative device, letting you know the status of other Digimon and their human companions as you traverse the game.

Interesting, the Digimon added to the 3DS version of Re:Digitize Decode were based on fan feedback in Japan from the initial PSP release. It’s confirmed that SaberLeomon is in the game, one of the many new additions for the 3DS title.

Fingers crossed for a global release!

By on 17 March 2013
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