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Fantasy Life Heralded As A New Franchise For Level-5

The 3DS game is set to go beyond the debut title currently selling out throughout Japan.

The 3DS is doing extremely well in Japan, having recently surpassed the 10 million sales milestone in its home nation. Such a huge installed userbase has had the repercussive effect of many of the hottest 3DS exclusives rapidly selling through their retail stock, such as Level-5’s Fantasy Life.

The charming roleplaying lifesim was released in Japan on December 27th 2012, and has proven quite a hit for Level-5. It features the capacity for players to create a character and jump right into a vast fantasy world, either taking on pacifistic roles such as tailoring or getting stuck into the action as a soldier.


“I see brand new franchise opportunities in our futures…”

Given the game’s fantastic critical and commercial reception, it’s no surprise to discover that Level-5 is apparently already thinking up sequel ideas. Siliconera has once again worked some translation magic on a Game Jouhou report, suggesting that the much-loved Japanese developer is aiming to make this new IP into a fully fledged series.

Famitsu apparently recently ran a questionnaire on various Japanese developers, asking what their plans are for the year ahead. Level-5 very specifically mentioned Fantasy Life, making plain their aspirations to make this game into something much more than a 3DS one-off.

Hey, Level-5! Know the best way to make a game into a successful series? Make it available in as many countries as you can! …Alright, actually that’s a highly complex thing to do for any game, but can you do that anyway, pretty please?

Jolly japes aside, this revelation does make for some interesting consideration. Will the series continue exclusively on the 3DS, or is other hardware on the cards? Could we perhaps one day see a Wii U instalment of Fantasy Life, for instance?

Level-5 apparently stated their interest in broadening their reach in smartphone and social gaming, too. Whether this ties into Fantasy Life, however, is as yet unknown.

By on 9 January 2013
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  1. Deedee06 says:

    I think if Fantasy Life, Animal Crossing New Leaf plus the Magicians Quest 3DS were all coming to the US it would bring much bigger sales of the system along with a big jump in game sales. I know I would buy a new 3DS-XL if they had one made special for one of these games.. The females like we seen in Japan have held off a bit waiting for some of these games.. I bought mine in the beginning on pre-order thinking they would have Animal Crossing shortly after launch… Now my pre-order on Animal Crossing is nearly 2 years old! Is that a record?? My 3DS has been sitting for 2 years waiting for some games, please bring these to the US!!!

  2. Deedee06 says:

    How can you find a contact email address for Level-5 to give a push to bring Fantasy Life to the US… I want a game sooo bad!!!!

  3. Chris J says:

    I just picked up Fantasy Life, I’m a bit nervous as it seems like a huge game! I’d like Animal Crossing, Dragonquest, Cooking Mama, and more, all in one. ot sure if I can handle all the 日本語。

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