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Fantasy Life To Receive Updates For 2013

DLC for the game will see all sorts of goodies added and expanded!

The world outside Japan is still waiting for Fantasy Life, which is apprently too busy causing complications in the lives of Japanese women to bother with the rest of us right now.

Shucks, such sour grapes from us! We apologise. It’s a new franchise that developers Level-5 and Brownie Bro–oops, sorry, 1-Up Studio are keen to expand. And expand they indeed shall, according to latest official website updates translated by Siliconera.


“As king of this game, I declare we should have MORE STUFF! …And women with cakes on their heads.”

Downloadable content is coming to the game! When? We don’t know! How much? We don’t know! But it’s coming to the game!

Fantasy Life delighted Japanese gamers at the end of 2012 with its endearing blend of passive peaceful gameplay and optional slapdash violence. Choosing your vocation after creating your character, you’re free to either live the humble life of a fisherman or the battle-hardened way of the warrior, with plenty of options besides.

Intriguingly, the big update planned for Fantasy Life will apparently incorporate online play. The game currently supports up to three players banding together locally for quests and shenanigans, but it seems they’re going to open this up to true wifi connectivity.

Changes to the game world are promised, as well as tweaking the game’s current level cap. It’s fantastic to see that the game already has such scope for growth, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s put forward as time goes on.

Having said that, we’d be gosh-darned pleased as plum punch and ham sandwiches if Level-5 could see their way clear to announcing a global release date for the game.

How much downloadable content do the developers have up their sleeves for Fantasy Life beyond this, we wonder? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, it seems the first update is set to be big and bold indeed.

By on 3 February 2013
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