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First Tales of the Abyss Review Goes Live

Japan’s Famitsu magazine casts judgement on the PS2 to 3DS remake

It’s a week before Namco’s 3DS edition of Tales of the Abyss releases in Japan and the popular Famitsu magazine has the first review.

In its four reviewer system the game scored 8/8/7/8, totally to a 31/40 score overall. This is five points below the 36/40 it gave the original Playstation 2 version back in 2005.

English translations of the review text reveal that the drop in score seems largely due to the lack of new content and features outside of the obligatory stereoscopic 3D effect. The size of the text displays and the “delay in changing viewpoints on the field map” were also cited as negatives.

Positive praise was given to the large array of voice acting, the “epic” unfolding story as well as improved loading times and touch screen controls.

31/40 is still a good score but it sounds like Namco didn’t put in as much effort as it could have porting it to the system. We’ll be able to judge for ourselves when the game releases in North America and Europe towards the end of the year.


By on 24 June 2011

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  1. Venox2008 says:

    yes, it’s still a great score

  2. SupaBeam says:

    i love the tales series and this one i never got to try idc what the score is im buying it tales game on the go? hell yea

  3. Zyph says:

    scores? so what?! ToA is a great game and I played it for hours and hours and don’t get tired of it. A must have when it hits store shelves 😀

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