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Five Series That Would Benefit From 3D

Everyone has a favourite series they’d love to see on the 3DS, but which ones would truly benefit from the three-dimensional depth? Here are five that would be a fantastic fit.

Pokémon Snap

A sequel to this photography-based Pokémon spin-off would make so much sense on the 3DS. The 3D effect could help to determine the distance from prospective photo subjects and how far you’d need to throw those monster-luring apples. Outside of the 3D, the system’s tilt controls would be a highly intuitive way to find the best angles for your snapshots, and SD cards could potentially be used to transfer your favourite photos to your PC.

Metroid Prime

The first-person perspective is well-suited to the three-dimensional effect, given that it allows elements like enemies and projectiles to fly towards the player without the obstruction of a character avatar. And when I think of the first-person perspective and first-party Nintendo games, I think Metroid Prime. Given the success of Metroid Prime Hunters on the original DS and the general popularity of first person shooters, it seems doubly likely that we’ll be experiencing Samus Aran’s worldview in 3D in the near future.


Remember this one? Of course you don’t! TeleroBoxer was released exclusively for Nintendo’s first 3D system and only console failure, the Virtual Boy. This first-person, robot-themed boxing game played similarly to the Punch-Out!! series and was one of the few titles for the system that actually made smart use of the 3D effects. A first-person boxing game seems like such a great fit for the 3DS that I believe it’s only a matter of time before we see a TeleroBoxer successor, Punch-Out!!, or even EA’s Fight Night grace the platform.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

While the developer behind DS adventure-puzzler Hotel Dusk: Room 215 filed for bankruptcy in 2010, this type of experience has a lot of potential on the 3DS. Not only would first-person environmental navigation be more immersive in 3D, but the potential for new types of puzzles using a combination of the dimensional depth, the tilt sensor, and maybe even the system’s camera is incredible.

Sin and Punishment

Though Kid Icarus: Uprising might scratch that on-rails shooting itch around the 3DS’s launch, a new entry in Treasure’s frenetic series would still be a welcome addition to the system’s library. Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies on the Wii surprised many with its constantly changing perspectives, an attribute that could be an absolute visual treat in 3D.

By on 9 February 2011

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  1. Supper says:

    I just want to say that you accidentally replaced "first" with "firs-" party games in the paragraph on TeleroBoxer. Anyways, nice article! I do hope that these franchises will come to the 3DS and dazzle us all because of the heavy effect 3D would have on it!

  2. Alex says:

    Imagine metroid prime trilogy on the 3DS with great graphics. That would be ridiculously awesome. And with the possible 8GB storage capacity of the cards, I think it’s technically plausible. Although Nintendo would need to raise it’s limit on game size. Since Retro Studios is done with prime for now, I think it’s a little unlikely though.

  3. drwill439 says:

    I agree with 4 especially. Hotel dusk is one of my favorite casual handheld games. But the ending left me hanging. I dug around and found that they made a sequel for it that only saw Asian shelves. Since Nintendo plans to ‘localize’ some of their games to the West, i could finish the story.

  4. SoundFXG1 says:

    just thinking about a 3D metroid prime gives me goose-bumps

  5. Iceguy says:

    There is one series that could benefit from 3D is Smash Bros.

  6. Kruai says:

    Oh my god. Please don't tease me with Metroid Prime or Sin and Punishment for 3DS.
    Don't mind me, I'll just lust away in this corner here…

  7. Me. says:

    I haven't played any of those games, except for the demo of metroid prime hunters on the ds, but after reading this, they all seem like excellent candidates that I might even go out of my way to get. (P.S I have played pokemon games, just not snap)

  8. Minicapone says:

    Oh my god the thought of Hotel Dusk on the 3DS makes me want to… oh to late

  9. Caleb says:

    They need to come out with super smash
    Bros. 3-D!!! Anybody else think so?!?!

  10. AbuJaffer says:

    Well I think KIU is Nintendo’s answer to on-rails shooting for now, so I doubt we’ll see another SAP game for a while… might buy the first game, Star Successor was pretty fun!

  11. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    I like pokemon, and know it would benefit, but I think they’ll just stick with the ds, because they didn’t make any for the dsi or dsi XL. But then again, they started with GAMEBOY, and moved in to ds. Also, there’s nothing to gain by going STRICTLY to dsi/dsi XL, and the advantages for pokemon going to the 3ds are great, so don’t listen to me, unless you hire me as an accountant… Hehehe…
    Anyways, I don’t think anyone will even THINK about it until I turn 16. Also, if you have a 3ds and want me as your buddy, here’s my friend code, and add me on internet settings after you post your friend code!

  12. CLH 0~FT~o says:

    O.K, this is so SLOW!!! Nobody replies anymore…

  13. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    WOW, nobody…

  14. CLH 0~FT~0 says:

    really, nobody cares?

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