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Guxt Coming To eShop

Nicalis partnering with Pixel once again.

Cave Story is a pretty good game, guys. That game, developed by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, has built up an incredibly strong following in the eight years since its original release and has seen more than its fair share of remakes. The game has been on the 3DS for a little over a year now, and it appears that Pixel is gearing up to release Guxt, his 2007 shmup, next.

Similarly to Cave Story, Guxt was originally released as a freeware title on the PC where it has seen some success. It’s Nicalis who hope to replicate that success on the three-dimensional stage, confirming their intention to publish the title on twitter:

For those unfamiliar with shmups, it’s a fairly simple concept: You simply have to shoot everything on screen while avoiding a ridiculous amount of bullets. The genre is incredibly popular in Japan and is known for featuring probably the toughest gameplay out there.

By on 16 November 2012
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