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Hands-on Shinobi 3DS

Curious as to how the recently announced game will play?

Earlier today, we posted about the first Shinobi 3DS trailer here. More information has now come available and MTV has actually posted their hands-on impressions of the 3DS title.

Shinobi Box Art

Here is the official box art for "Shinobi."

First of all, Shinobi is an entirely new project and not a port of any previous games in the series. Hardcore purists will be happy to hear the side-scrolling ninja title still comes with a punishingly hard difficulty.

Shinobi 3DS does introduce new mechanics as well. Firstly, players can now parry enemy attacks by pressing the block button just before the attack connects. MTV reports, “parrying is basically mandatory to survival.”

It has been quite a while since Sega released a Shinobi title as the most recent was released back in 2003.

You can check out MTV’s full article here, but I’m also curious as to how excited everyone is for this new Shinobi? Are new and old gamers alike ready to give Shinobi another go?

By on 27 May 2011

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  1. raedjhn says:

    nice pox art 🙂

  2. PepeBalls says:

    yeah nice pox

  3. Venox2008 says:

    me want! 😀

  4. nimjaelf says:

    ive never played it before but it does look cool.ninjas are beast!

  5. Azy says:

    last shinobi I played was on the mega drive XD

  6. AbuJaffer says:

    Ya…. I missed this on the Mega Drive. As long as there’s no plot (so I don’t have to buy previous games) I might get this.

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