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Is The Conduit coming to the 3DS? [Updated]

High Voltage Software hint that the franchise could have a future on 3DS.

Update: Conduit 3DS has now been confirmed. Eric Nofsinger told Eurogamer: “Now that we’re winding things down a lot of our resources are on pulling this technology over to 3DS”.

When the Wii remote and nunchuk combo was first revealed to the world, many people’s initial reaction – after questioning if it could prove to be more than a gimmick – was to say ‘that would be perfect for FPS games’. Indeed, when the developer has given enough time and attention to issues such as dead zones and movement sensitivity, it can seem to be the perfect FPS control system (although, yes, many would argue the WASD-mouse combo deserves that honour). Oddly however, the Wii still has very few FPS exclusives.

The Conduit is one of those few and – with its old school plotline and gameplay married to 21st Century online multiplayer – is arguably the only one to truly stand out. Now, that analogue stick on the 3DS makes FPS games a more promising prospect than on the original DS, doesn’t it? It seems that perhaps the developers of The Conduit agree.

Of course, he wouldn't need the glasses on 3DS.

High Voltage Software’s Matt Corso told SPOnG: “We’ve always made games for all systems. As far as The Conduit goes, that can definitely come onto a different Nintendo system right now. It’s something we’re really considering.” A different Nintendo system? Hmm. So of course SPOnG asked if that meant 3DS, to which Corso replied: “3DS is definitely a strong possibility because it’s an awesome new system”.

Well if it’s not 3DS, it’s DS or Wii 2. So… 3DS seems a pretty safe bet. Could a port of a Conduit title – or perhaps even a brand new Conduit game – be the first test of the 3DS’s ability to handle a ‘proper’ FPS? High Voltage Software boasted before the release of The Conduit that graphically, they pushed the Wii further than any other FPS developer. Would they aim for a similar goal with the 3DS?

By on 3 February 2011
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  1. Zan says:

    That would be awsome!

  2. den says:

    I`d get the conduit for the 3ds it needs a good fps on it!?!

  3. 3Dbrains says:

    I would buy this, conduit looks great and plays great on wii. In my hands, on my lunch break at work… it will be amazing.

  4. Johnn¥ says:

    Hopefully it'd be a port of The Conduit 2 instead of the first one.

  5. randomperson says:

    isnt conduit the amercain name for super probetocter? or im i getting mixed up?

  6. blackout says:

    I've not got a Wii (I didn't know it had any original FPS tbh) but I definitely want to be playing FPS on the 3DS so yes would love to see this as it sounds cool.

  7. Maleo says:

    A hint? check out this video interview from Destructoid and skip to 2:40

    Cookin up conduit goodness XD

  8. vito16 says:

    My Conduit 3DS Controls

    L button= shoot
    circle pad= move
    touch screen 1= aim
    touch screen 2 (sidebar)= weapon menu or anything else

    (sidebar can be a little bar on the side of the aiming screen that has little icon like bombs other guns and even an extra aiming help icon)

  9. Nintendofan says:

    It has been confirmed that the conduit is coming for the 3ds. Not sure though if it is a revamped or a new version.

  10. X-Player says:

    Best 3DS controls for ANY fps
    Left Bumper- shoot
    Right Bumper- throw grenade
    Circle Pad- move character
    Up (D Pad)- zoom
    Left/Right (D Pad)- cycle weapons
    Down (D Pad)- crouch
    Touch Screen- drag stylus to aim/double tap stylus to jump
    A- target lock
    B- accept
    X- reload
    Y- enter vehicle
    Start- pause game
    Select- map

  11. dark_rabbid says:

    Awsome I loved the conduit.

  12. rewer says:


    it will probably be a prequel to the first one.

  13. rewer says:

    i don’t expect they r realy gona use the lettered buttons since your focusing you right hand to the touch screen it will be allmost impossible to use that. theres more space on the touchscreen from thos kind of gimmicks.

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