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KAIO: King Of Pirates Crewmates Introduced At Last

Shipmates ahoy! Information from Japan reveals just who we’ll be sharing quarters with.

Keiji Inafune, esteemed developer that he is, has been keeping pretty quiet about his work with Marvelous AQL on the mysterious KAIO: King Of Pirates. We know there are big plans in store for the franchise as a whole, however, because there are already intentions to make it into an anime and manga series.

In fact, the game itself is already planned to be part of a trilogy, but for now we’re still waiting on the very first 3DS game in this nautical but nice series-to-be. A page of V Jump magazine has been doing the rounds, which Siliconera has obligingly translated for greater delectation.


Penguin piracy!

Aiming to set sail in 2013, KAIO: King Of Pirates is said to follow the story of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. Except, y’know, full of nautically attired humanoid animals.

Talking of which, we’re finally getting to know just who these critters are. The plucky penguin with the bandanna is known, ingeniously, as Peguin. He’s got a strong sense of justice and camaraderie, making him ideal protagonist fodder.

Eag, the slick bird in the red coat, is both a buddy and a rival simultaneously to the blue Peguin, in something of a contrast between Sonic and Knuckles’s own on/off friendship. Meanwhile, Wukan the seal-thingy is described as quite measured and intelligent, presumably a character relied upon to be calm in a crisis. Wukan is a member of Peguin’s crew, alongside Chobi the big… scary angry guy.

Chobi’s obviously the brawn of the bunch, being something of a powerhouse. In addition to characters, gameplay snippets can be discerned from the page too. Both naval battles with cannon and boarding battles with epic swordfights seem to be very much the order of the day.

The lucre all the pirates are seeking is the Lucifer Coin. Despite its somewhat evil moniker, this artefact grants whoever holds it the title of KAIO, King Of The Pirates, which goes some way to explaining why the game is called KAIO: King Of The Pirates.

Here’s hoping further information on this bold new title will be made available soon, mateys!

By on 2 January 2013
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