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Kid Icarus Animated Side-Stories Coming To Nintendo Video

Some top Japanese animation studios are working with Nintendo to bring Pit and his pantheon to life. And it’s all confirmed for the US!

You might have noticed that the Kid Icarus: Uprising hype train is roaring at full steam ahead lately. The official UK Twitter feed has even recently revealed a special QR code you can scan with your 3DS to peek at 3D screenshots!

But that’s not all. Siliconera have reported that your Nintendo Video service will soon play host to a variety of Kid Icarus animated short stories, pieced together by some of the biggest studios in Japan.

Kid Icarus Anime Poster


Whilst the American Kid Icarus: Uprising website has confirmed that these productions will be heading to the West (or at the very least the USA), it’s only now that Nintendo of Japan have started teasingly revealing more details on each episode.

The first is produced by Production I.G., best known for their work on Ghost In The Shell. This sumptuous 3D episode will see Pit fighting Thanatos, a minion of Medusa, in what’s likely to be a flashy and impressive array of special effects and general awesomeness.

Kid Icarus Production I.G.

Not pictured: Flashy and impressive special effects and general awesomeness. But he looks good, no?

There’s also the Studio 4°C animation, a more traditional anime work that hones in on the rivalry between Palutena and Medusa. Fleshing out the backstory is always welcome, and ol’ Snake-Fro herself looks chilling indeed, dwarfing the tiny Pit as he flutters up to have stern words with her.

Kid Icarus Studio 4C

Snake Oil: Because you're worth it.

A more lighthearted take on the Kid Icarus world comes in the form of Shaft’s contributions to the mix. Their episode will focus on Palutena, who purportedly has to deal with some kind of disaster afflicting Skyworld. Yet bizarrely, accordingly to Siliconera, this will involve cooking.

We had no idea deities could cook! Surely they’d manifest themselves up a ham sandwich or something with a snap of their fingers?

Kid Icarus Shaft Anime

"Why yes, I AM a natural green, hee hee!"

No word yet on when these groovy toons will drop, but keep an eye on your 3DS Nintendo Video applications nonetheless.

Kid Icarus: Uprising seems determined with all this promotional bluster to inaugurate itself as a major Nintendo franchise once again. Will the final game match up with all this hype? Only a few more weeks until we can find out…

By on 7 March 2012
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. King DeDeDe says:

    I’d like to see these videos! I’ve never been a big fan of Kid Icarus( and isn’t Icarus that guy in the greek myths who doesn’t listen to his dad, gets to close to the sun and melts his wax wings, and then falls into the sea and dies? ), but it may be an interesting game!

    • mark pearce says:

      correct. Daedalus and his son Icarus were trying to escape a tyranical king, and so they could get of the island, Daedalus (Who also apparently desined the labarinth that held the minator) tricked the king into giving him the supplies he needed to create the wings. Later when they were escaping Icarus was having so much fun he didn’t think about his fathers words and flew to close to the sun effectively melting the wax seal on the wings and casting him into the sea bellow to his death. Greek myths are rather sad sometimes.

      • Hi Im Pual says:

        As sad as the Courage The Cowardly Dog episode with the puppets and the Pokémon advert with the bus…

  2. Jay Michael says:

    This game looks amazing. Can’t wait. These videos will be nice diversions. Especially the one from the creators of Ghost in The Shell. Nintendo is doing an amazing job of promoting this game and resurrecting this franchise. The poured their hearts in the game. Lots of pre-release vids and info. They are giving away a free 3D Classic version of the original. They will probably bring the GB sequel to the eShop soon. And now these original Nintendo Video shorts. Great job Nintendo. We have been clamoring for this!

  3. WingedFish says:

    I can wait to watch these! Nintendo must be very serious about Pit’s revival!

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Oh, Shaft! Well, I certainly am looking forward to that one.

  5. mariofan3ds says:

    awesome! can’t wait 😀

  6. mariofan3ds says:

    Palutena looks cute in that image.

  7. mark pearce says:

    Just another reason to get this game, That is if you were not getting it already.

  8. Hi Im Pual says:

    Food one was funny and had a ‘Looney Tunes’ style humor.

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