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Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets Story Recap, Pre-Launch Event

Looking to try the latest Kingdom Hearts but afraid of being lost in the plot? Square has you covered.

Contrary to popular belief, the main story behind the long-running Kingdom Hearts series isn’t that hard to understand. The problem is how the details are spread out across different spin-offs that tend to go out of order (358/2 Days, for instance, takes place during KHI and II, while Birth by Sleep is a prequel to the original). It also doesn’t help that in order to experience the entire story, one must possess nearly every console on the planet.

Fortunately, Kingdom Hearts 3D will contain a “Memoir” menu that includes two story-specific options: “Recollection” and “Chronicle”. Recollection recaps the newest story in KH3D, most likely serving as a cutscene viewer. Chronicle will include recaps from all the previous KH games, which hopefully will bring newcomers up to speed on who is a clone of who, or why this Nobody is now a Somebody.

In addition, Square Enix will also be planning a pre-launch event on March 3rd in Tokyo. No details on what the event will entail, but they should be forthcoming.

By on 21 February 2012

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  1. beppe says:

    that sounds good

  2. Zero says:

    Thank goodness. I love the story and all, but it gets hard to follow when you don’t want to play through every game out for it, and it’s been years since playing the the main games.

  3. Lis4Real25 says:

    I’m up to date with my info on KH, but glad they included this for newbies.

  4. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    Mass Effect 3 will own this.

  5. Angel792 says:

    You such a horrible stupid troll! lol XD

  6. Ashman44 says:

    i think ive got the story down pat, im playin through BBS atm which means ive only not played CoM, and probably never will, i may have to youtube a walkthrough of it since i like to know the small parts of story too 😀 i like them OOOHHHHHH so thats why thats like that and hes done that because they are meanies and stuff happend moments

    • mysterious figure says:

      I too only missed Chains, and the Memoir menu isn’t a bad idea if someone lost
      track of the story……..but it’s not as AWESOME as when you play the games

  7. mark pearce says:

    Never played any of the KH games but want this one so a plot “Chronicle” will be most appreciated.

  8. Nuahs&Hammer says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m up to date still, but I swear in the first one, sora was the ‘chosen one’ so why can loads of people use them now?

  9. Thomas says:

    A KH I and II HD collection (might as well as throw in RE: Chain of Memories) would help jog my memory as well 😉

  10. RNocturne says:

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days isn’t a spin-off. Kingdom Hearts DOESN’T HAVE SPIN OFFS, FFS!

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