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Korea Receives An Exclusive 3DS Game

MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate is coming out solely in Korea as a singleplayer spinoff of the popular MMO franchise.

The Nintendo 3DS has seemingly found a firm foothold in Korea, as we discovered upon noticing they’re getting the new Animal Crossing soon. But that’s not the only benefit of the nation’s 3DS love, as it seems Nexon and Nintendo of Korea have partnered to bring out a new title in the MapleStory series.

As many readers will know, MapleStory is an online sprite-based RPG game featuring chibi-style characters and bright, vibrant areas to explore. The same can apparently be said of the new game coming to the 3DS, according to Siliconera, though sadly this won’t have an online component.


How many characters can you cram on the front of one box?

In fact, MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate will be completely exclusive to Korean 3DS gamers. The heroine finds that a mysterious spirit has taken up residence within her, and throughout her adventures seeks to rid herself of it. Gameplay itself is of the action-RPG variety, with characters to meet who’ll help you out or send you on quests.

Though the protagonist can be kitted out with various weapons and abilities, combat itself seems to use just one button. Multiple presses of the button will execute combos, meaning that slapping enemies upside the head will hopefully prove satisfying indeed.

The game will feature a variety of environments to explore, such as sunken city ruins, a sky world and a pyramid-peppered desert. Exclusively single-player, MapleStory: The Girl’s Fate arrives on the shelves of Korean stores on April 25th.

It’s a shame we won’t see this adventure gracing our own handhelds in our own respective territories, but with the 3DS having plenty of titles to keep us occupied in the days and weeks ahead, we may in fact be too preoccupied to notice.

How do you feel about MapleStory‘s 3DS debut being exclusive to Korea?

By on 23 March 2013
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  1. Carl-Oscar says:

    It’s okay, I mean what else can we do, we say “Haha LoL don’t they now we others want to play this and they like” “Hm if you guys eh… wait hm… like a several years and… hm, really we dont fu***** care what our customers think when it comes to games being worldwide” and we like “Hohoho you can’t attack us with that, we have millions of nerds things togehter to type complains on our computer” and they like “Mwahahaha” And we like ” *cough* ” xD

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