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What’s Happening to 3DS Buzz?

My last post on 3DS Buzz.

Most people are pretty impressed when I tell them I can hold my breath for over 2 minutes. I imagine they look at me and think “wow, that’s one extreme guy”. But believe it or not, I would rank that as only my second greatest achievement.

I would say that I’m more proud that I put 3DS Buzz together, a website which was visited by 300,000 people in one month. That’s twice as many people as you can see here:

Sadly reporting news on 3DS Buzz no longer makes enough money to support itself. The reason is that Google has started sending people searching for 3DS information to very well established websites with a handful of pages relating to the 3DS, like Amazon, instead of independent websites which are dedicated to the subject.

But 3DS Buzz isn’t going away, it is just changing.

Our forums are still as active as ever and they are a lovely place to hang out and kill some time. They are going to become the main focus of 3DS Buzz, and as the site will now be all about chatting, the name “3DS Buzz” makes more sense! It’s as if it was the plan all along… but no, it wasn’t.

My goal with 3DS Buzz was simply to make the best 3DS resource on the Internet. I could never do that on my own. I had so much help that I don’t know where to begin talking about it. There were writers that went way beyond the call of duty to help entertain and inform us all. Forum members who wanted to actively help to make it a better place. Facebook users who shared our stuff. Editors of the 3DS Wiki who gave up their time to make a useful resource for other people.
3DS Buzz isn’t going away, so today I’m just going to pay this tribute to the writers who have been keeping us updated on the latest 3DS news for the past 3 years. Here’s a rundown of the top contributing writers and how many posts they each contributed.

Adam Sparks – 115

Ben Bertoli – 111

Feld0 – 98 (Community manager and the guy who got 3DS Buzz mentioned on every major gaming website for the first time)

James Day – 96

Jordan Bayes – 163 (Who stayed on right until the bitter end)

Jorge Fernandez – 347 (One of the first group of 3 writers)

Luke Kemp – 185 (Editor)

Sam Walking – 234 (Current community manager)

Stuart Young – 178 (One of our first writers)

Tony White – 770 (The most prolific writer and stayed with us until the end)

Will Wood – 232

All of them have been lovely and talented people who have been great to work with.

I’ve only written 150 posts myself. My main contribution to 3DS Buzz has been organising stuff, promoting it and coding stuff. So it’s only fitting that my final post includes something I’ve coded to look back over the 3,000 articles which have been posted. You can see it here (if it doesn’t cash the servers).

I hope to see you in the forums and at my new website Game ‘n’ Match.

And thank you for reading 3DS Buzz. Without you we would never have got this far.

By on 30 April 2013
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. sly says:

    Hey! Adam! thanx a lot for your site.

  2. Jordan Bayes says:

    It has been a pleasure to be here until the very end 🙂

  3. Zentu says:

    This is not Hosanna In the highest! I did not sign up just to see this part of my life disaphere as well. Sooo many things left me in a year and 1/2 already.

  4. Critical Element says:

    Been here since the site began! I have 3ds buzz set as one of my home pages, and i love getting updates from the site. I especially remember all the hype right before the 3ds came out, and how excited we all were. Where was I for the launch? 3ds buzz. Thanks so much guys for your time maintaining the website, posting, and keeping us all updated! I look forward to what the future holds.

  5. Klobb says:

    I’ll miss the home page, I’ve been reading it since 2010. :'(

  6. Jonathan Francis says:

    Sorry to hear this Adam. You gave me the opportunity to write here on 3DS Buzz and I greatly appreciate the opportunity. I didn’t get to stay on for as long as I would have liked due to my “real job” getting in the way. Going back and reading my April Fool’s article on the 3DS being canceled brought back some smiles.

    Good luck to you in the future and I hope the forums continue to thrive.

  7. Subarulol says:

    just saying but , why is there a pic of he dsi at the end of the paragraph cx

  8. Zok says:

    Bye 3DS Buzz news feed, I’ll miss you. Thanks for investing a lot of hard work into this site, 3DS Buzz staff!

  9. Luigi'sM says:

    Thank you all at 3DS buzz for all the great information & fun articles.

  10. Shaun says:

    Love this site, one of the things I always check when I open my browser. It’s been great and I’ll definitely be checking out Game ‘n’ Match and of course, following Tony White on Twitter haha

  11. Matthew says:

    It’s a real shame, I come here often for 3DS news.

    Good luck on your new projects.

  12. Luigifan50 says:

    Tch, what a shame. I’ve had fond memories of this site, shame to see it go, just as I…

    Ponder naught the past, but thy future, and thy shall create thine own hope, inspiring many others. If thine hope is lost, it truly is not, for your hope for others shall find it’s way back to aid upon you. Shine brightly, and extinguish not.
    – my true parting words…

    fare thee well…

  13. Cam says:

    Sigh. You will be missed

  14. stu says:

    Such a shame, I loved visiting your site for awesome 3ds news, google suks!!

  15. Josiah says:

    I’ll never forget all the witty picture captions…

  16. Zexan says:

    *sigh* good memories i’ll never forget my time here and all the friends i made.

  17. Alex says:

    will never forget this site!
    I Read everyday and watched that countdown reach 0 then i finally got my 3ds!
    So sad to watch this site go 🙁
    Where will i go for the best 3ds news now 🙁

  18. Stu says:

    This page On the run up to release was my most viewed website…sad to see u go


  19. Landon says:

    Used this site a lot. Thanks for all your work. Maybe you’ll start PS4 Buzz? Pity Google owns the internet virtually- sad for people like you :(. Good luck in the future! 🙂

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