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Layton vs Wright Western Release All But Confirmed!

Get ready for a bizarre mix of puzzling and… defending – it looks like PL vs AA is heading westwards!

We’ve known about it for almost a year now, but we hadn’t had any indication that Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney would be getting a western release, with Capcom making clear that the game’s future outside of Japan was in no way assured. That was until now!


The folks over at gamesradar have discovered a rather interesting leaflet in Capcom’s booth at the Tokyo Games Show. It doesn’t incontrovertibly confirm that the game will see a western release, but the evidence is pretty strong.

Firstly, the whole leaflet is written in English, with suspicious comments including that “English names are to be decided”. It also refers to the game and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, with the latter half being striking considering that “Ace Attorney” is a western name – the Japanese games are more often referred to by the direct translation of their Japanese name, “Gyakuten Saiban”. It also lists the MRSP as TBD, which again strongly suggests that Level 5 are in the process of organising a western release.

Remember that this is not an official announcement, so it doesn’t guarantee anything, but I’d be incredibly surprised if the game doesn’t make it to the west after this news.

If you’d like to find out more about the game, you might want to check out the new details from earlier today.

Are you hoping for a western release of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney?


By on 16 September 2011
Ace Attorney nut Sam started off in the world of gaming with a PSOne at the humble age of ten, but it wasn't until he discovered the beauty of Pokemon FireRed on his shiny new GBA-SP that he became obsessed with Nintendo.

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  1. TradeMark says:

    I hope this means both Europe AND North America (but mostly NA) 🙂 This has me very excited, though. I can’t wait for this game, even though it will probably still be at least year and a half before we see it.

  2. Cam says:

    What are they pointing at?

  3. Weed says:

    Can’t WAAAAAAIT!!! 😀

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Sweet, if true.

  5. Leah says:

    The same goes for Monster Hunter Tri 3D… There’s a scan of describing the control scheme on the 3DS, weapons, and some of the monsters–all in English.

  6. Shaun says:


  7. Symbol de Au says:


    Everything and nothing all at the same time. But seriously I think they’re pointing at eachother the camera is jsut flipped.

  8. Deegan says:

    I honestly want this more than world peace.

  9. benja(Mii)n says:

    Laytons head shape looks odd.

  10. AMAC says:

    PW Vs AA – Surely that could only mean Phoenix Wright Vs Ace Attorney. I think you meant to put PL Vs AA. :p

  11. Sam Walker says:

    Haha, I was a bit tired last night 😛 Thanks AMAC.

  12. Tony White says:

    Excellent news!

    People, please place Sam’s compiled evidence into your Court Records. If Capcom or Level 5 wanna deny us a Western release now, we can Present this evidence with a raucous, universal scream of “OBJECTION!”

  13. Iceddragon says:


  14. lemonlime says:

    gyakuten saidan is not a literal translation of “Ace Attorney”. It means “Turnabout Trial”.

  15. Sam Walker says:

    I mean a translation of the Japanese name – I’ll try and make it clearer 😉

  16. AbuJaffer says:

    Who isn’t waiting for this game is the real question? NOOBS THAT’S WHO! *RAGE*

  17. Me. says:

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was a surprisingly awesome game, which I only accidentally stumbled upon, but I’m glad I did. I love that series, and I really want this game too!

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