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Level 5 Announce Time Travelers Demo

The public is going to get a chance to finally try the game “Without a Genre”.

Level-5, developer of the Professor Layton games, has announced that there will be a demo of their upcoming 3DS game Time Travellers. Initially reported in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, the demo will be included Level-5’s title Guild 01 but will require you to accomplish some in game tasks to unlock the demo.


Time Travellers, a game which Level-5 have described as being “without a genre”, is set in Tokyo city in the year 2031. A Mysterious hole appeared above the city in 2013 and destroyed much of Tokyo. Technology has advanced dramatically in the following 18 years and the town is now powered by a “Space Elevator”, but nobody is sure quite how it produces the required energy.

There is currently no announcement of a western release of the game, but with E3 quickly approaching, we can only hope for more news in the coming months.

What do you all think? Does this sound like an interesting game to you? Would you buy a game just to get a demo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


By on 20 April 2012
Laura is an avid Nintendo fangirl. When she is not playing her huge collection of Nintendo systems she enjoys Cosplaying, drumming in a band and Creating her own Japanese style RPGs. She also writes for and

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  1. Lumine1412 says:

    Without a genre my ****, probably an adventure/interactive novel game

  2. DekuJohnny says:

    Well I bought Mercenaries 3D for the demo of Revelations. So perhaps, but I’d prefer them to put a demo on the eShop

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