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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Commercial Is Simply Spooktacular

This kid ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

It’s almost surreal to consider just how close Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon really is. When you spend months waiting for (or indeed writing about) a certain videogame, it can often end up feeling almost intangible. But it’s finally on its way, and in keeping with its arrival in March, Nintendo of America have unveiled a commercial for the game.


As you can see, it all starts on a dark and stormy night, with a young lad playing his 3DS XL under the bed covers. If any concerned parents are reading, we would like to point out on behalf of kids everywhere that your child almost definitely never does this when they are supposed to be sleeping.

If our handheld videogame device suddenly spat out paranormal entities that ran amok in our household, we would be very concerned and likely have stern words for the developers, and would probably take them to court for causing undue psychological distress. But not this plucky kid! Why, he’s got a Poltergust 5000 in his bedroom closet, for which we immediately envy him.

The ad definitely takes an interesting stance on the game as a whole, blending ingame footage of Luigi’s actions with the boy’s own supernatural showdown. Having both the videogame and reality running parallel in this way seems to reinforce the recent comments by Shigeru Miyamoto claiming that he hoped players would feel immersed in Dark Moon‘s cheekily eerie world.

As the commercial ends, the boy reacts with tremendous calmness when he looks into the mirror and sees Luigi looking back at him. We’d certainly be very startled if we one day woke up and were Luigi. But then we’d be remarkably happy because we’d be able to jump high and stuff.

All in all, Nintendo’s managed to cram a surprisingly hefty amount of content into only a few seconds. What do you think of the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon commercial?

By on 23 February 2013
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    It somehow feels a bit nostalgic to me.

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