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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Further Teased

Famitsu in Japan has been coquettishly whispering of the multiplayer capabilities of Luigi’s latest adventure.

In a few short months, 3DS gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Pitting the plumber against a whole new range of manors and miscreants, the game is on many a 3DS fan’s radar, and with good reason.

Bringing even more speculation of the recently confirmed multiplayer in the game is Famitsu’s recent coverage. Siliconera has obligingly translated this information, and though exact details on how multiplayer works in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon remain unknown, the further clarification is most welcome.

Rainbow torch!

No secrets are safe from Luigi’s Dark Light ability!

Initially there was some confusion as it was considered that the game might even have an online multiplayer mode, but it’s since been asserted that this is not the case. The game definitely uses Nintendo Network capabilities for something online, but exact details are still as mysterious as the very mansions Luigi’s set to visit.

The multiplayer on offer will definitely be local in nature, meaning that you’re going to need buddies around to enjoy its delights. The good news is, Download Play is confirmed, meaning only one of you needs to have the game to get in on the action.

Of course, we still don’t know exactly what this ‘action’ is, but we’re eager to find out. Nintendo has been tremendously shy in revealing multiplayer functionality for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and we’re immensely curious as to how this will pan out.

Nevertheless, we at least know for sure it’s happening, but only with local play supported. Nevertheless, whether all your friends have a copy of the game or you decide to do multiplayer with just one gamecard, Nintendo’s got you covered!

How do you think local multiplayer will play out in Luigi’s latest adventure? As always, let us know your thoughts!

By on 23 January 2013
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  1. stuart says:

    wont it just be the same as the wiiu party game??? one person is the gost and the other has to hunt it.

    • Sora says:

      In Hunter Mode, players must clear the entire floor of ghosts within a limited time. The gameplay is simple — explore the mansion, find the ghosts, and suck them up with your vacuum. Time is relatively short, so it works best when players spread out to uncover the ghosts and then pair up to bring them down. Players generally play cooperatively, but in Zelda: Four Swords style, players also compete for coins.

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