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Mario Kart 7 Screenshots Remind Us To Be Sad It’s Still October

We dissect some succulent screenshots for the choicest morsels of information. Oh December, whither art thou…?

Welcome to Mario Kart! But not yet, darn it all. Still, whilst the big news of the days is undoubtedly that wheely intriguing 3DS attachment, there’s also plenty of new imagery to pore over and desirously ogle. Or is that just us?

Mario Grumpy With A Tanooki Tail

"That's right, my kart's got a tail, big whoop, wanna fight about it?"

Whilst the likes of Eurogamer have the lovely legions of shots that have surfaced since the Nintendo Direct webstream, sites such as Gematsu have had the collection up for perusing since the 21st. The screenshots show off a few new details of the game to teasingly get the fans worked up, as well as revealing more on the circuits to be expected.

But hey. Want to see Princess Peach’s umbrella? Alright then.

Peach's Brolly

You'd think those balloonists would have the decency to keep out of the way during a race!

As revealed as early as E3, Mario Kart 7 features kart customisation. You can mix and match various pieces for the ultimate racing machine, and part of that customisation extends to the glider attachments. Finally, we’re getting to see some of the alternatives to the still-awesome triangular hang glider models.

Hey, and while we’re on the subect, nice reflections in the water there, no? The game’s shaping up to be a graphical treat, and the fact that it’ll all run at a silken 60 frames per second is a gorgeous thought.

Want more? How about confirmation of a paragliding Yoshi?

Yoshi's Paragliding

Precision steering is the order of the day if you want to weave through those stone spikes.

Seeing those rocky spires roaring towards you in 3D is bound to make for a nerve-wracking experience, and collision guarantees both embarrassment and a probable nosebleed for your driver. The various options available and the opportunity to mix and match seems to suggest there’ll be something for everyone, meaning your online presence will cement your individuality by the kart pieces, glider attachments and so on that you choose.

Hey. How does the return of a retro Battle Mode course sound? And we’re talking really retro here!

MK7 Battle Mode SNES Awesomeness

MARIO KART 7 used NOSTALGIA! It's super effective!

Memories! Like the corners of our minds. The balloon-bursting ruckus is making a big comeback, it would seem, with a Super Nintendo battle course polished up for maximum stereoscopic shininess. Do want!

Mii integration? We all know it’s there. But it’s always nice to see it some more…

Mii Kart...?

Madcap Mii motoring mayhem may make many merry.

As with Mario Kart Wii, it seems the colour you’ve allocated your little Nintendo caricature influences your racing colours in the game. With Miis set to appear here, there and everywhere in the game, this is just another way that Nintendo are set on letting you customise your karting experience.

Looking at that screenshot… any other readers who were British kids in the 1990s getting flashbacks to the go kart racing thing in that FunHouse show?

Uh oh… showing one’s age… moving on!

Koopa Powerslide

+1 Awesome Points™ to anyone who recognises this retro track!

There’s nothing altogether groundbreaking in the above screenshot. We’re just including it in our closer look at such matters because it looks freakin’ awesome. Colours pop, sparks from the wheels are stark and vibrant, and the detail on each racer and associated kart is brilliant. Koopa Troopa’s shell never looked so good!

Hmm. Here’s a moral quandary for you. How does Koopa Troopa feel to be throwing hollowed-out members of his own species at other racers as offensive weaponry? Brrr.

A fuller gallery of Mario Kart magnificence is up for your attention on Gematsu, as aforementioned. Fresh twists on familiar tracks, sumptuous screenshots and general excitement-inducing loveliness are in abundance.

And if that’s still not enough for you, how about the pertinent fact that Mario Kart 7 features the world’s biggest goat?

Big goat.

Seriously. It's bigger than Bowser.

By on 25 October 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. T.Finland says:

    Looks charming! I didn’t remember 3DS had Miis.

  2. Anon says:

    Now we have the victor of the shell cup in mario kart 7- yes, it’s the sheep that is bigger then Bowser- Baaser!

  3. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    What the heck is that thing in the last screenshot? Reminds me of the Neverending Story.

  4. randomguy says:

    the goat looks awesome

  5. AbuJaffer says:

    Goats > All the karts. Mountable Goat > Any other vehicle.

    All we need now is a goat character… Goaster? Goatti? Goarner?

    • Naeem says:

      Ha dude third party support for the wii sucks i have never heard of a good game on wii that doesn’t have an iatlian plummer have you played GTA on your wii awwww you havent Red Dead Redemtion no L.A. Noire Mafia II i bet it hurts so take that excuse for a video game console and shove it up your ass.

  6. hkgfkl says:

    is it just me or does look better than MK Wii (graphically speaking)

  7. xDarkAceX21 says:

    Nice Article, 5 golden pencils out 5. Can’t Wait, hopes it has points that help rank out players online

  8. Cam says:

    Yess I need this game!

  9. Pseudonymous says:

    This game can’t come soon enough, with its SNES style battle mode goodness.

  10. grimlaw says:

    ha im on 3 awesome points now!

  11. maria says:


  12. Premier says:

    Now this is awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on Mario Kart 7.

  13. griingolink says:

    keep in mind that mk wii had 12 players making the graphics a bit bad but i think the 3DS’s lighting is phenomenal

  14. Husnain says:

    man why do the graphics look so bad? i mean i genuinely thought that the screenshot of the battle mode with balloons was GBA gameplay -_-

  15. Szayel says:

    Duh. The battle mode was a remake of the previous mario kart level. The graphics are actually amazing, and run at 60 frames per second.

  16. Tony White says:

    @Husnain Bear in mind, that’s a retro SNEs course so is probably designed to look old… 😉

    Anon :

    Now we have the victor of the shell cup in mario kart 7- yes, it’s the sheep that is bigger then Bowser- Baaser!

    AWESOME! If Baaser isn’t the villain secretly behind Bowser’s plans in Super Mario 3D Land, I’m going to be very upset. xD

    @AbuJaffer Hmm… seems like you’re the goat-to guy when it comes to goat-related names. Why, I’d say you can’t be bleat-en. …I’ll stop now.

    @Guybrush Threepwood

    I think you’ll find, Mr. Threepwood, that it’s the second biggest goat you’ve ever seen. Possibly selling fine leather jackets!

    • Jefferson says:

      Hey this was very cool.Thanks for putting the vid toetgher. I’m guessing you have a vid of it working?Regards the dance steps hope your engineering career aspirations are working out well. LOL

  17. sameer says:

    how bout 7??????

  18. Merrickrox says:

    “+1 Awesome Points™ to anyone who recognizes this retro track!”
    Luigi Circuit from Nintendo 64.
    I’ll take my awesome point, please? 😀

  19. Me. says:

    Having extensively played the Game boy Advance version, I can definitely tell you that this picture looks A LOT better than the GBA version did. The GBA version didn’t even have 3D models for the racers.

    • Moritz says:

      since I wont be driving it anurod at night for long I just charge it with a battery charger. But would be cool to have some sort of alternator. A friend had suggested an old style VW alternator. but those lights only draw 2.4amps at 12V (30W) it should be good for a at least a solid hour.

  20. Z says:

    I can’t wait! Sucks to still be in October.

  21. Cam says:

    Ok. Europeans who get the game 2 days earlier than us americans have fun. Im sad to say that you wont see me online the first day I get it. I have to get used to the courses. Perhaps in 2 days I’ll be on destroying all of you. (or at least trying to)

  22. Rev says:

    I hope you can customise Mario to wear a Pat Sharp mullet

  23. Kevin11 says:

    Mushroom Cup: Shell Cup:
    Luigi Circuit Luigi Raceway N64
    Daisy Village Bowser’s Castle 1 GBA
    Cheep Cheep Lagoon Mushroom Gorge Wii
    Shy Guy Carnival Luigi’s Mansion DS

  24. Aaron says:

    I knew it was that Luigi circuit. Now my awesome points are OVER 9000. At least until the IRS turns it into 3000.Then taxes on skittles 2999. Then the economic downturn. -50. It looks like I owe you guys.

    I have to get this. $200 dollars for christmas.(no awesome points can buy this game)

  25. Yxonp says:

    There are tons of pics on

  26. shawn says:

    That SNES battle course was also ported to the Wii and GBA Mario Karts too. This is the 4th rehash of this course.

  27. shawn says:

    The other Retro course is N64 Luigi Raceway athough like the Wii N64/GBA courses Koopa is driving on it for the very first time since Wario replaced Koopa in Mario Kart 64.

  28. Jason says:

    the seven In Mario Kart seven means you could have seven items at once
    Head shot

  29. Klobb says:


    It’s called Luigi Raceway. You lose 😛

  30. Super Boomerang Mario Man says:

    ♪Wake me up♪
    ♪When October ends♪
    (insert Greenday acoustic guitar here)

  31. sh06un says:

    this and kh 3d are the next games im getting for sure …. absolutely no doubt about it

  32. kayha11 says:

    here is some of the courses
    mushroom cup
    toad circuit
    daisy hills
    cheep cheep lagoon
    shy guy carnival

    flower cup
    whuhu island
    mario circuit
    music park
    rock rock mountain

    shell cup
    n64 luigi raceway
    gba bowser castle 1
    wii mushroom gorge
    ds luigis mansion

    banana cup
    n64 koopa troopa beach
    snes mario circuit 2
    wii coconut mall
    ds waluigi pinball

    juat a few there is more

  33. Aaron says:

    just awesome!

  34. Fishaman P says:

    N64 Luigi Raceway!

    Actually, back when the first Tanooki shots came out, I caught an ever-so-slight glimpse of the giant screen over the tunnel, thus confirming the first track in Mario Kart 64.


  35. Ridley says:

    That goat should be a kart or something,the thing is HUGE!I’m gonna teach my goat how to be jealous and live with it.

  36. Anon says:


    It’s Baaser!

  37. Super Boomerang Mario Man says:

    Please. The lame goat puns are getting annoying.

  38. Z says:

    I wanted to comment, but I couldn’t think of anymore bad goat puns.

  39. Tony White says:


    That must’ve really got your goat!


  40. Zok says:

    Very punny.

  41. funjedi says:

    what the heck!!! (50$ copy-right.)

  42. Rakesh says:

    type this in on ebay and you can get cheap set of great lights and turn saignls and evry thing you needbike signal brake turn light

  43. Superstar7 says:

    Anyone want my friend code for 3DS

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