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Metal Gear Solid to Land in Early 2012

Exclamation point!

The Tokyo Game Show has yielded many big announcements from just about every major video game company and developer. Nintendo informed gamers that Kid Icarus: Uprising, originally thought to hit before years end in North America, would be pushed to early next year. Another delayed title, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, showcased new screen shots and playable demos at TGS. Not to mention the news that it would be compatible with the Nintendo’s controversial new circle pad add-on. Although it was announced in late July that Snake Eater 3D would slip in to 2012, it wasn’t known when exactly we would get a chance to sneak around as Snake.

Snake Eater 3D‘s director, Hideo Kojima, informed TGS attendees today that 3DS gamers could expect some sweet Metal Gear action in early 2012. It’s not a specific date, but it’s nice to know we’ll have a few stellar titles to play during the cold and dreary start of the year. With fantastic new 3DS games being announced left and right for 2012, it could very well be the year of the 3DS. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back under my cardboard box.

By on 19 September 2011
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  1. Ben says:

    I wonder how early it will be it could january or it could be April

  2. nintendo3DS says:

    Next year?! BLLLLARRRRGHHH!

  3. SwimyGreen says:

    Isn’t that why we have a PS2? If you like Metal Gear Solid, there is a 98% chance you have some PlayStation console.

  4. mark pearce says:

    I was on the fence about the game before but with dual analouge heck yay sine me up

  5. ptr362 says:

    I was really looking forward to this game when it was first announced as I only complete MGS 1 & 2. But now with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection coming out soon for the 360/PS3 for about the same price it’s not so interesting…

  6. Mariomaster1 says:

    (Phone Rings)
    Colonel: Snake, have you heard the recent news?
    Snake: No…Why, have we found any leads on FOXHOUND’s latest plans?!
    Colonel: No, Snake, better then that!
    Snake: We managed to completely shut down the entire organization?!
    Colonel: No, better!
    Snake: Uhhhggg, I give up! What exactly do you want to tell me?
    Colonel: You know about Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D right?
    Snake: Yeah……oh, you gotta be kidding me….
    Colonel: It was just announced that it’s releasing in early 2012! Isn’t that great?!
    (Dial tone)
    Colonel: Snake……Snaaakkkeee?!

  7. Ben Bertoli says:

    High five for all that 😛

  8. Mariomaster1 says:

    @Ben Bertoli

    Thanks, I try.

  9. a mans man says:

    and not built to 3DS touchscreen standards instead second screen gimmicks and a add-on pad required JOKE games industry…

    i wanted inntuitive mouse like aiming and camera controls item icons and no menu pauses in a tight core analog and stylus or thumb nub CORE GAMERS control srt up but hay who am i JUST A INFORMED LIFE LONG GAMER the industry hates as it builds games with RETARD controls cough PSP…..

  10. shawn says:

    It’s also on PSP-Vita via HD collection so it’s Standard Definition-3D vs High Definition-2D.

  11. artum says:

    ok i have 360 and i never play metal gear 2 and peace walker so i will buy this HD collection and is like ps2-3d vs 3 metal gears hd evan snake canot defeat this fight and is embracing how konami treat nintendo white metal gear is like sony have anew one but nintando have only outdates remeks so if 3d ver will not sell like they think!blame yourself konami

  12. Michael H. says:

    I guess they really expect more people to go for the HD-Collection rather than the 3D port. That’s a bit sad, really, but I can see where they’re coming from what with all the negative attention the 3DS has been receiving as of late.

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