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MGS: Snake Eater 3D Pushed Back to 2012

Are you still coming for the holidays, Snake? …Snake!? …SNAAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!

Not too long ago, I reported that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D was going to feature new elements from other games in the series, and that while the game was currently still on track to hit this November, with the recent string of delays and cancellations, you never know if Snake Eater 3D will also see a delay. Well, it seems like that is exactly the case, at least for Europe and Australia.

Metal Gear Solid Snake 3DS

*Hiss* ...You shall not passssss... Until 2012 atleassssst.

Kotaku reported the news yesterday that Konami has announced the release date will be sometime in 2012, with nothing more specific about a date than that. While this may be the case for Europe and Australia, contacted Konami directly to see if this applied to North America as well, or if Canada and the US were still on track for November, here’s what they reported:

As the news of a Snake Eater 3D delay originally came from Kotaku Australia, we checked with Konami to see if the delay also applies for North America and were told a release date has yet to be announced for the region. That’s hardly a reassurance that it’s coming later this year as previously believed, and it also gives Konami the ability to slide into 2012, if it so chooses.

So, while this isn’t the greatest, or frankly surprising, news out there, it will perhaps give Konami that extra little bit of time to polish the game even further and make it a true must-own for the 3DS. North America might still possibly see it before the end of the year, but even if they don’t, hopefully the game will show up very early 2012 instead.

By on 28 July 2011
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  1. alienwaregamerx2010 says:


  2. Kevin11 says:


  3. Jimerzzz says:

    They delayed metal gear solid….

  4. Venox2008 says:

    I’ll still wait for 3DS version..

  5. Kamisako (from the forums) says:

    awww! i stopped playing it on ps2 for this

  6. Marquis says:

    All the devs are wanting to ride the Holiday season, it seems…

  7. Nintendofan says:

    It’s better because I need to save up cash after Cristmas and the cutscenes shown weren’t all that pretty so they could upgr

  8. Bulby says:

    Oh well, my 20 free games, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3DS Land will keep me busy. And also OoT Master Quest. And Link’s Awakening. And the Metroid Prime Trilogy which I have barely played. And helping the Legends 3 campaign. And Xenoblade (sorry America).

    Besides, it will make the game better in the long-run. Personally, I think the 3DS is doing OK. People from the outside just don’t realise it. 🙂

  9. Seabass978 says:

    Please, just bring castlevania sotn with 3d and/or with beter graphics and I’ll be happy .

  10. SwimyGreen says:

    Most people that would want this game already have it…

    Remind me why we keep buying remakes again?

  11. Venox2008 says:

    because it’s one of those games that you can play and play

  12. PapwrYoshi says:

    Yeah, they did it. Sigh. But at least it should mean that the game has a lower chance of being crappy, right?

  13. SC7639 says:

    I’m a bit pissed about this but atleast they are taking the time to make it the best game they can!

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