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Monster Hunter Portable 3G Announced

Capcom’s big franchise hits yet another platform, but it’s bringing something extra for its 3Ds debut….

It may not have exactly caught on in North America or Europe, but in Japan, the Monster Hunter series is huge. Huge.

If anything is going to increase hardware sales in Japan, it’s a new Monster Hunter game. To that end, Nintendo must be very thankful for Capcom releasing a new portable iteration for their system during its tough times.

Titled Monster Hunter Portable 3G (which, incidentally, does not feature 3G connectivity), this portable version of Monster Hunter Tri features the usual additions and features in previous titles, although one advantage the 3DS version has over the PSP edition is the ability to swim underwater and hunt some of the deadliest aquatic enemies known to fans.

But the bigger addition is the included right circle pad attachment, of which you can see for yourself here. As expected, the new attachment will allow for a free roaming camera, which is integral for keeping players up to date on monsters that tend to attack from all sides.

No word yet if either the game or the attachment will make its way stateside.

By on 7 September 2011

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  1. Me. says:

    I’ve never played any of these games before, so I can’t really say much about it, but if makes more units sell in Japan, that’s awesome!

  2. Julian says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting to hear about MH on 3DS!

  3. James_bond007 says:

    if the second pad is small enough I MIGHT. get it… for metal gear….SNAAAAAKKE EAAATEEER

  4. nintendoboy4life says:

    this game looks awesome don’t know why they call it 3G if does not feature 3G connectivity hmmmmm,

  5. Rev says:

    A bit of an odd labelling, but 3G does jsut mean third generation, it’s just stuck in our minds as phone tech because they pimped the third generation phone tech a lot

  6. Honist38 says:

    well monster hunter tri G is an expand version of monster hunter tri and with the previous game they did for monster hunter 2nd which turn to monster hunter 2nd G

    I guess the title got nothing to do with 3G connectivity just a conicident

    Anyway…. MONSTER HUNTER Tri G yeah awesome (big fan, pay since Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP)

  7. Flamemaster says:

    You obviously dont play MH if you dont know what the G means.

  8. Venox2008 says:

    “G” means – upgraded version.. more stuff, more monsters…etc..

  9. mark pearce says:

    wow I will so buy this did you know that it is said to come out in the us and europe confiremed

  10. Lynchpin says:

    Does anyone play Monster hunter tri here?

  11. vj27 says:

    Is this a remake of the wii version?

  12. Jon says:

    This is really good news, not just for gamers, but for Nintendo: the PSP was fairly popular in Japan, and the new one is being released there this year (though not in the US or Europe), so this game will be effective in combating that system.

  13. AbuJaffer says:

    Monster Hunter looks fun, but I’d very much rather play the game on a console than on a handheld with a bulky accessory that would cause the handheld to lose its portability. I hope they just implement controls using the current system; it worked on the PSP (wasn’t that good but it worked!) so it should work on the 3DS.

  14. serpent says:


  15. pasta power! says:

    Woah! I have played these games, but i’ve never owned one…..I guess I will now.

  16. pecco says:

    omg get world wide!!! i hope it has mhtri and mh portable 3rd!!!!

  17. Grort says:

    Never mind stateside, europe.

  18. Lynchpin says:

    I’m sooo getting this if it comes out in Europe! XD

  19. 3dsaddict says:

    well how about it just goes everywhere then we can all enjoy it

  20. pecco says:

    mhtri came out worldwide so it must be comming to europe before e3 2012

  21. Rantti says:

    this game uses right analog stick, right?

  22. rio says:

    so 3G is in d 3DS ???? pls no way……

  23. vt says:

    monster hunter portable 4th will probably come out on psp or something.

  24. WX says:

    is it real monster hunter 3G coming to psp??
    If got, tell me when it coming??

  25. rb says:

    tell me too

  26. yk says:

    ok g is basically how they say portable it doesnt mean it though
    and so in saying g along the title it just means they didn remove it here and giving it freedom like they did for the psp games like mhf mhf2 and mhfu

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