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Mushroom Hill Zone Confirmed For 3DS Sonic Generations

The 3DS version gets another exclusive level, revealed to be the classic Sonic & Knuckles opener!

As you probably know, the upcoming Sonic Generations is set to hit the 3DS with an entirely unique set of levels in comparison to its big-console brethren. Many of these levels and zones have been left mysterious, giving rise to fan discussion and speculation across the board. The mash-up of Classic and Modern Sonics has hit a new twist, however, with the nifty revelation of another classic zone for the 3DS version.

Modern Sonic at Mushroom Hill

It's a lot prettier than we remember it, too...

Both the itty-bitty Classic Sonic and his more lithe, lean Modern counterpart will have corresponding freewheeling supersonic sprints through this classic stage, according to the reveal posted at Sonic Stadium. Classic Sonic shall be forging forth through the lush greenery and conspicuously oversized fungus of Mushroom Hill Zone in the springtime, whereas Modern Sonic, as pictured above, gets to pummel his fluttering soles at the warmly hued autumnal second Act of the Sonic & Knuckles opening Zone.

As is par for the course in the game, Classic Sonic’s level will be more closely linked to the Mega Drive/Genesis original, whereas Modern Sonic’s will be a high-speed rampage through a remixed Zone especially crafted to take advantage of his boosting, stunt-faring talents.

Classic Sonic on the Winchy Thingy

The winchy things from the original game seem set to make a comeback. Things like this are why Sonic doesn't really need a gym membership.

It’s fantastic to see Sega giving such close care and attention to the nostalgic value of this game. By giving different levels to the 3DS, they’re also widening their net; if someone wants a level from a certain game and it isn’t in one version, it could well be in another! Both handheld and home console versions of this game are shaping up nicely, the Classic Sonic gameplay riffing off what already worked way back when and the Modern Sonic gameplay taking a leaf from the book of the stunning and bonkers-brilliant Sonic Colours.

Classic Sonic and a lovely green hillock

The grass looks scrumptiously fluffy, and the scenery as a whole is sure to look good in 3D.

We don’t need to tell you what a rough reputation Sonic’s clocked up in the past few years, yet thankfully this tarnished image is swiftly becoming redundant. Colours went a long way towards rectifying this, and Sonic Generations is a deliciously giddy trip through the hedgehog’s vast backstory, merging the new with the old in new and exciting ways.

So don’t be slow! Dust off those pointy red shoes and give them a polish! The blast from the past just got all the more intriguing, and it won’t be long before we’re all thrashing through leaves, grinding over vines and storming through ‘shrooms, undoubtedly to remixes of the classic Mushroom Hill Zone music.

Sonic and the twizzly thingy

Fly like an eagle! A blue, wingless, spiky eagle. That isn't an eagle. But 'fly like a hedgehog' would just sound silly.

Want in on the sprinting spinning spectacles the game offers, but lacking the sufficient hardware? Don’t forget, you can be in with a chance to win a 3DS cast in finery akin to the shoes of Sonic himself!

By on 17 August 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Stu says:

    Cannot wait for this

  2. Lake says:

    I’m so excited about this game and it looks good but I hope the gameplay is good to. 😀

  3. jesse says:

    i remember this stage from wheni was a kid !!!

  4. JohnJAP says:

    so excited

  5. katsy says:

    man i can only imagine what the remix will sound like man can’t wait to hear it. owo

  6. Husnain says:

    im not so exited for this game…i mean sonic is fun but i got bored of it ages ago…but the visuals look nice and colourful.

  7. Super Nitendo Fan Bros. says:

    Idk… I like Sonic games but they´re always the same, get coins, defeat transformed-not-guilty animals, beat Eggman, press the big button, free the not-guilty animals… But this version might be cool °.°

  8. PuAl says:

    It’s not necessarily an exclusive – the same news has been posted over at Official Xbox Magazine too. The screenshots they show don’t look to be home console quality, so it’s feasible that they’re from the 3DS version, but I’m pretty sure SEA previously said that the handheld version would only contain levels from previous handheld titles.

  9. Mariomaster1 says:

    Mushroom Hill Zone….maybe Mario will make a cameo here seeing as he is often associated with Mushrooms, hehehe. But seriously, this game is proving to turn out great.

  10. Luke Bramhall says:

    I loved Sonic and Knuckles ! Especially because you could plug Sonic 2 and 3 in the top then play Knuckles on them it was amazing !

  11. Jmaster720 says:

    Err have you even played sonic 3 XD

  12. Jmaster720 says:

    This game now looks more awesome

  13. brendan says:

    cant wait for this 🙂

  14. worthy says:

    This cheered me up after finding out the console versions gets Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant zone.

    BTW is it true that Sonic 2’s Casino Night zone is a 3DS exclusive aswell?

  15. F says:

    Sonic games are no more samey than Mario Bros games. I loved Sonic 3 so this is a welcome addition.

  16. F says:

    And Sonic collects rings, Mario collects coins. And the originals you defeated Dr Robotnik, not Eggman.

  17. PuAl says:

    Regarding my last post, OXM have confirmed that they posted in error and Mushroom Hill is indeed a 3DS exclusive level. Now I’m confused though – SEGA did state that the 3DS version of Sonic Generations would only feature levels from handheld titles, and Sonic + Knuckles was never a handheld title (compilations really don’t count imo).

  18. kalelrand1 says:

    now this game looks good because i never played all the sonic games

  19. Kevin11 says:

    The 1st picture looks like Maple Treeway from Mario Kart wii lolz

  20. LOLWUT says:

    no, they never said that the portable games were the ONLY levels of the game, the portable games are present only in the MODERN ERA, classic era still has the levels from classic sonic games.

  21. PuAl says:

    @LOLWUT Well, I seem to remember them saying that the classic stages would be from the Game Gear outings (well, with an overlap between the Game Gear and Master System incarnations of Sonic 1 and 2) such as Sonic Chaos etc, whereas the modern sections would be more in the style of Sonic Rush.

  22. Worthy says:

    PuAl apparently the modern stages are from the Sonic Advance and Sonic DS games whilst the classic levels are from the Megadrive/Genesis games.

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  25. TheBestPikachuFan says:

    Mushroom Hill Zone was on Sonic Classic Collection for DS.

  26. LOLWUT says:

    in fact they said that GameGear is not going to be in SG
    (“IIzuka: GameGear? *laughs* no.”)

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