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Nano Assault EX Is Coming To Ninendo eShop

Retail release once again shrinking to tiny sizes to bring blasting to pesky micro-organisms… this time on eShop!

Sadly, Nano Assault didn’t make it to Europe, but American 3DS fans managed to enjoy the retail release’s biological blastery for themselves. The game was developed by Shin’en Multimedia, and featured lots of arcade shootery as you kablammed your merry way through a variety of otherworldly levels inspired by microbiology.

Nano Assault Screenshot

Tiny fireworks! What a jolly.

Nintendo Life have brought to wider attention a statement made on the official Shin’en Twitter feed, this being that Nano Assault EX is soon to head to both US and EU eShop shelves.

‘Nano Assault EX’ is coming to the 3DS eShop (EU+US) ! Based on the original release but with new game modes & options.. more info soon!

Unfortunately, the constrictive character limits of Twitter have meant things are a little fuzzy. When they say it’s based on the original release, do they mean it’s like an expanded version? Or a digital rerelease with extra content to reach a wider audience?

Either way, it’ll see Nano Assault make a European debut, as well as help the game reach out to others who might’ve disregarded it the first time around. Did you play the original Nano Assault for yourself? Are you enticed by this eShop announcement?

By on 3 August 2012
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. T.Finland says:

    I totally forgot about this game, which is not that weird since I’m european. Would buy though, seemed pretty interesting.

  2. Venox2008 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a long time of this..Shin’en knows how to make good games with good graphics on Nintendo platforms..this game’s graphics are better than RE: Revelations.. am I the only one who really needs more good SHMUPS in 3D on 3ds?? (for eShop of course) 🙂 like Mushihimesama, Nano assault (I mostly like vertical shmups, so we need more) and omega 5 (which I still hope wasn’t totally canceled for 3ds (damn you Konami) 😉

  3. MOFO says:

    It will have CPP support…..YESSSSS!
    Can’t wait for this game, I just hope it’s cheap on the E-shop.

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