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New ‘Iwata Asks’ Sheds Plenty Of Light On Fire Emblem: Awakening

Reinvention and expanding the userbase seemed to be the key factors in this game’s development. Well, that and nearly setting it on Mars.

It’s just a short while now before North American 3DS fans can finally get their hands on Fire Emblem: Awakening. The team at Nintendo have clearly worked hard to produce the most ambitious game in the series to date, but it’s surprising to learn just how wild some of the ideas being discussed for this latest game were!

An interview from almost a year ago for the famous Iwata Asks official discussion page has been translated from Japanese to English, in keeping with the imminent arrival of Awakening. The first page of the discussion alone is rife with surprises; after introducing themselves, the developers and artists explain that they considered a modern setting for the game. Known as Fire Emblem 2011, it would’ve represented a true departure for the series, but was considered too ‘out there’… to say nothing of the idea of a Fire Emblem game set on Mars.


Can you imagine if this had been in the modern age? Fire Emblem 2011, in which skirmishes are caused by heated Twitter arguments.

Such drastic reinventions of the series were all due to the developers’ desires to revitalise the franchise, making it familiar to fans but appealing to newcomers. In America especially, this game is receiving a lot more coverage than any Fire Emblem before it, meaning many new fans are to be brought into the fold.

In the end Awakening became seen as a ‘culmination’ of every Fire Emblem game that’s gone before. Attention to detail was seemingly key, as the developers threw more and more ideas into the mix, but also retained focus on the franchise’s strong characters.

There’s also some talk of Casual Mode, a relatively new addition to the series which disables the franchise-famous permadeath. Iwata-san asks if there’s any controversy about it, but was told that even some Nintendo employees play the game in this way now.

Talking of difficulty, the options available to the player will be Normal, Hard and Lunatic. It goes without saying that enemies on Lunatic will be pretty advanced, as well as sporting high-class weaponry.

All in all, it appears that the team behind Awakening have been truly passionate about crafting the game, something which will hopefully show in the final product. American fans are sure to be rallying the troops any moment now, whilst Europe waits a little longer. To arms!

By on 2 February 2013
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