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New Snake Eater 3D Video and Screens

To coincide with their E3 video press conference Konami has released a bunch of new assets for Metal Gear’s first 3DS outing. Also, Yoshi.

Konami has released a bunch of new screenshots and two new videos to whet your appetite for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Shortly after its pre-E3 video press conference a host of new assets were published to Snake Eater 3D’s Japanese website. The English version of the site has not yet been opened.

The first video is a presentation by Yoshikazu Matsuhana, the creative director on this version of the game, which was shown with an English dub during Konami’s E3 pre-show video.

The second is the new game play trailer (embedded below) which shows the use of the 3DS’ gyroscopic tilt sensors to balance Snake as he walked across a rickety bridge, the touch screen to equip weapons and the camera to snap patterns from real life to create camouflage for Snake’s sneaking suit.

As is the norm with Metal Gear Solid trailers, it ends on a humorous note with Snake discovering a statue of Mario’s green-scaled buddy. This is reminiscent of the Mario and Yoshi dolls that were found in the GameCube remake of the original Metal Gear Solid subtitled The Twin Snakes.

The new screenshots don’t leave us with as much insight outside of letting us take in more of the game’s impressive visuals. You can check them all out in our freshly updated image gallery.

By on 3 June 2011

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  1. Kevin11 says:

    Why is Yoshi in Metal Gear Solid though he’s a nintendo character.He,s in a Konami game!

  2. kenrulei says:

    you didn’t play the gamecube mgs i’m guessing XD

  3. Pseudonymous says:

    Wait, two-eyed Snake?

  4. MattBBS says:

    First Snake – You find out how he loses the eye in this game!

  5. Peter D. says:

    Yoshi is in this game? 😮

    *instant pre-order*

  6. MLdragoMaster says:

    @Peter D.
    Hahahahahahahahahahah LOL
    The vid looks AWESOME and funny.

  7. Ever700 says:

    best MGS lets not have any spoilers please for any one who has not played the PS2 one. i cant wait to see what thay add. i hope this gets a street pass it would be grate for this kinda game. and grats to nintendo for getting more hard core games atlast big thums up

  8. Pseudonymous says:

    Ah, I see. Thanks.

  9. Jimmy Yimmy says:

    Lol! I wasn’t expecting Yoshi! But this game really shows off the 3DS’ graphical power! It’s impressive!

  10. SupaBeam says:

    lol…seeing the yoshi reminds me of when you encounter phyco mantis and you see the pictures in the back laughing and they were the heads of nintendo i loved that and this makes me excited

  11. Dean says:

    Apparently you have to shoot the 64 yoshi’s to gain prizes in MGS it could of been Princess Peach! XD

  12. Gleeok says:


  13. lalala says:


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