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Nintendo 3DS New Year’s Resolutions: 3DS Buzz Readers Speak Out!

Our very own readers voice their desires for a strong emphasis on inter-console connectivity!

2013 isn’t even a week old yet, but already hopes are high. Many of us are making resolutions for the year ahead, and in keeping with this tradition we recently suggested three things we’d love to see Nintendo improve about the 3DS this year.

Following that, we asked readers to submit their own ideas in the form of comments, and found a number of them to be so insightful we wanted to highlight them for further discussion.

3DS & XL

Saddle up, boys. You’ve got a big year ahead!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a hotly requested feature for Nintendo to implement in 2013 is to power up the internet browser. In fact, super-early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS may indeed remember that initially the handheld launched without the internet browser at all, which was added in a later system update.

The most common criticism is the lack of Youtube capabilities within the 3DS browser. While Nintendo hasn’t made any statements clear regarding any intentions of updating the browser, it would certainly help increase the machine’s appeal.

Staying on the theme of online capabilities, there’s also a call for an easier and more synchronised way of communicating with other users. 3DS Buzz reader Steven highlights that the PictoChat software for the original DS handhelds could make for a fine online communications program if properly developed. Though Nintendo’s well-known coyness for online communications that could turn ugly is no secret, it’s certainly true that the likes of the Wii U’s Miiverse is indicative of a changing stance in the company.

Talking of which, reader zelda2711 makes a succinct argument for the Wii U’s revolutionary gamer-uniting tool to head to the handheld.

It’s simple. 3DS Miiverse ASAP.

Having the Miiverse move beyond a single system would be a great move for Nintendo, not least since the Miiverse has often been touted as their very own social network. With such a large pre-existing userbase of 3DS owners, this would be a fantastic way of bringing Nintendo fans into a unified fold, irrespective of their system of choice.

While all of the comments we received had fantastic suggestions, we definitely observed a strong tendency for players and fans to want to connect more, communicate more transparently and access the web more efficiently. Of course, with a company like Nintendo, you’ll never know what they’ll pull out of the bag next; but the community has spoken, and they want to connect!

The question is, will Nintendo answer that call in 2013?

By on 4 January 2013
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. CobaltHail says:

    Ya know what they should have? Sound tracks on the E-Shop. Think about it, 10 cents a song, 3.00 for the whole album. GENIUS, huh? Oh, and perhaps a phone app for conversations between Friends? And maybe even themes. Really, I could go on and on, but I have better things to do.

    • ledreppe says:

      It would be frivolous of Nintendo to launch a music service, they’d just end up trying to compete with Apple and I don’t need to tell you who’d win that war.

      I’m surprised in you 3DSBuzz, you talk of having miiverse on the 3ds, you don’t even know from Ninty’s past Nintendo direct videos that they are developing miiverse for 3ds and web enabed mobile phones? This is old news.

      • KartRacer says:

        Well, that’s not what he meant. He was probably just wanting Nintendo to fulfill that promise faster.

        • Tony White says:

          Agreed, I might not have worded it in the best way, but I’m definitely eager to see the Miiverse hit the 3DS and look forward to Nintendo making announcements to that end! 🙂

  2. Charleh94 says:

    There’s multiple improvements/possibilities can be done with the 3DS system console such as:

    – Adding adobe compatibilities features e.g. flash for youtube videos (Parental preference settings is already originally preinstalled for a reason), PDF reader for files on a go e.g. Seeking work online etc.

    – Improvement to the internet browser & touch keypad for better quality/faster loadings & ability to copy/paste.

    – Free social communication apps that also includes the use of the front & back cameras (once again Parental settings is there for a reason).

    – Discount cards/points on downloadable gamings from eShop for fairness.

    – Update system for faster/quality improvements.

    – Integrated voice chat app running in the background while playing games wether the game is online or not. (internet connection required).

    – Update camera peformance somehow.

    – More coins obtained while walking with system at long distances not just 10-15 a day.

    – Ability to change the display/appearance in the home menu.

    – Remove unwanted softwares/apps from eShop and add in just the 3DS softwares because it’s relevent for the defined screens and system to keep people satisfied on purchases. (even though the original compatibility stays).

    – Add in entertainment store app for Music, Movies and Videos etc.

    And the list just goes on…

    • RyDragon1996 says:

      I highly agreenwith most / all of this.

      Hes a wild idea: a screen lock.To keep itchy fingers from having a joyplay…or something.

    • Kings says:

      they should bring back flipnote from the dsi to the 3ds that’s like the best thing there is but maybe add more features to it like more colors and how awesome would it be to see some serious stickman animation in 3D ^_^

  3. Steven says:

    It should be to update the system with a free software similar to Picto-Chat, from the original Nintendo DS, for a more interacting way to communicate with people on your friends list besides just able to send random letters that act more as text messages. I still do not really know why Nintendo has discluded the popular chat room software in the finish product of the 3DS, but I hope that they will add it back or something similar that includes a chat room.
    -The ability to play youtube (which they added for the wii so hopefully it is just around the corner)
    Also possibly to stop dumbing down the content in the 3DS games.

  4. Misnomer says:

    However a significant price increase would not be ok.
    And Nintendo has to stay primarily focused on gaming and stay top notch at it.

  5. Kings says:

    they should bring back flipnote from the dsi to the 3ds that’s like the best thing there is but maybe add more features to it like more colors and how awesome would it be to see some serious stickman animation in 3D ^_^

    • Matt says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, Flipnote was completely awesome and I miss it dearly tho I have made some doozy Swap’s for my boys! I still maintain Nintendo should make their entire library of classic games available for download to your 3ds COMPLETELY FREE. Imagine having access to all the material, say pre-N64, on the 3ds easily downloadable for every 3ds user, what a selling point that would be out of the box. Make it so you can only download and use 3 at a time or whatever if that matters somehow, but open it up, it’s so stupid for them to ever try and make more money from those old titles.

      • Kings says:

        I agree as well. The 3DS has sooooooo much potential but nintendo is limiting it uses if they were to unlock the 3ds, per say, then it would be a great eye appealing device. Think about the 3ds can play 3ds games as well as ds games. if they were to “unlock” it you can play GBA games, GBC, GB, N64, SNES,ect. basically also all of nintendo previous handheld and console all on that system. to me thats an ultimate game system right there 😀

  6. james braselton says:

    hi there nintendo 3ds needs a 3d youtube app

  7. james braselton says:

    hi there your right 3ds has great petintal nintendo very restrictive not only gba gcb gb n64 snes games zero youtube no e-reader no music store no movies

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