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Nintendo 3DS Resolution

UPDATE: See the actual Nintendo 3DS resolution along with comparisons with iPhone, PSP and original DS graphics.

If, as many believe, Sharp’s new 3.4 inch 3D screens have been designed for the 3DS, this should give you an idea of what that high resolution of 854 x 480 pixels will look like.

This is only 60% of the 3DS's 854 x 480 pixels. Click the picture for full resolution.

You can compare that to the resolution of any of the previous DS series below.

DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL all share this resolution, just 256 × 192 pixels

And here you can see how the screen sizes will compare. The lower screen is the standard DS size and the upper screen is the 3DS size and shape.

The wide aspect ratio of the 3DS compared with the standard DS's 4:3 aspect ratio.

By on 3 April 2010
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. wiiboy101 uk gizza says:

    4xresolution 2x brightness 10x contrast that’s very much HD in portable terminology its easy plus 4x definition of dsi dsi-xl screen’s..

    plus 3D NO GLASSES

    if gamecube power is true its a huge leap over dsi in fact its a huge leap over ds dsi and psp combined in both graphics and resolution or should we say over all definition

    the performance of this screen at sub 4 inch is = to 1080p on a 42 inch plus screen

    its mini HD wen you take into account a portable screen size

    ad the fact games will be built for that screen from scratch its going to be divine

  2. admin says:

    Your absolutely right. I love the phrase "mini HD". Nintendo should use that in its ads.

  3. Santi says:

    Hey, just a guess but wouldnt the definition be halved for 3d games? Half the verticle lines of pixels for one eye and half for the other?

    Still reduced to a sweet definition for such a small screen.

    2d will look great, no question.

  4. Nuts says:

    Are you all nuts? The resolution of the 3DS is 400×240 per eye so 800×240 in all as opposed to 854×480… HELLO!!

  5. baconcow says:

    @Nuts… what on Earth are you going on about? lol

  6. lol says:

    haha true but ive seen the vita the 3ds has company soon

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