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Nintendo 3DS Skyrockets Past 10 Million Sales In Japan

Also, Fantasy Life is sold out in its homeland as Japan’s love affair with the 3DS continues.

Planet Earth may indeed be pulsating with so much Pokémania today that you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d fallen into a time warp back to the late 1990s, when the series first became a global sensation. Nonetheless, in the wake of Nintendo’s epic announcement today, videogame news marches on regardless. So cast aside your discussions of which new starter is the best for a moment — after all, we all know it’s Froakie — because it seems in Japan, the Nintendo 3DS is bigger business than ever.

Siliconera has translated a Famitsu report revealing that as of January 6th 2013, the Nintendo 3DS (both regular and XL models combined) exceeded an astonishing 10 million lifetime sales in Japan. That’s a mind-boggling statistic. Why, if you were to take every 3DS ever bought in Japan and lay them end to end, you’d… probably be told you’ve got too much time on your hands.

Sales GET!

The StreetPass potential alone is mind-boggling!

Given that the success of Animal Crossing: New Leaf has even left Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata in a state of disbelief, it’s no surprise that a huge chunk of the handheld’s recent momentum has come from that title.

It’s not just Animal Crossing that’s been enjoying a surge of success. On December 27th 2012, yet another much-anticipated title hit the hot-game-ridden Japanese 3DS public. Level-5’s Fantasy Life has been noted as being in short supply by the developers themselves, according to an official website announcement once more translated by Siliconera.

The success story of the Nintendo 3DS in its native Japan is, by this point, utterly unquestionable. Whilst it’s gained traction in other territories, there’s no denying that our own respective 3DS lineups had nothing on Japan’s, especially towards the end of last year.

Is 2013 the year that the 3DS similarly erupts into a sales frenzy in our regions? With many anticipated games on the way, hopes are definitely high!

By on 8 January 2013
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