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Nintendo 3DS to use NetFront Browser, Supports Flash and HTML5?

We finally know what powers the 3DS’s Internet browser. Never heard of NetFront before? Keep reading – on paper, it sounds incredible.

Opera has been Nintendo’s browser of choice for years when it came to their game systems. The DS was their first system to gain the ability to access web pages, and similar (but faster) browsers then went on to be released for the Wii and the DSi.

Nintendo 3DS Browser

It should come as no surprise that Nintendo will be giving the 3DS a web browser, too, seeing as it has been on the list of confirmed features for a very long time. A video from the September 29th press conference (famously known as the release date of the release date) even showed us that it was possible to switch between playing games and using the browser at will, without quitting the game. Nintendo later told us that a worldwide system update scheduled for May would enable the web browser, as it wasn’t going to be ready in time for the system’s launch.

No further details were known beyond that. Would the 3DS browser support Flash? Was HTML5 in? How about CSS3? Will using the browser be a lag-crammed nightmare like its predecessors, or a silky-smooth experience matching the rest of the 3DS’s software? Today’s news, while it doesn’t answer all of those questions, brings us much closer to their resolution.


NetFront on Android

NetFront certainly makes a good first impression. (image: Android version)

Nikkei, a major Japanese newspaper, has reported that Nintendo have dropped the Opera browser in favour of ACCESS’s NetFront. Never heard of ACCESS or NetFront before? It’s the browser behind over a billion non-PC electronic devices, including the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Browsing on the latter two is supposedly a slow experience at best, and an infuriating one at worst; but keep in mind that both of Sony’s systems run an old, outdated version of NetFront. Nintendo will likely use the shiny new version 4.1 of the browser, which, if the feature list is to be believed, will be a sweet deal indeed.

NetFront Browser Visual Bookmarks

Visual Bookmarks = awesome. (image: Windows Mobile version)

According to ACCESS’s website, NetFront 4.1 supports just about everything one could expect from a modern browser, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and IPv6; while promising solid performance all around and a tiny footprint to boot. Through the browser’s modular architecture, even Flash Player and the ability to read PDF files are possible. It’s up to Nintendo whether they wish to include the latter two features in the 3DS’s version of the browser; but I’d be willing to bet that Flash Player is in, seeing as the Wii had it and the 3DS has a comparable (if not superior) amount of power under its hood.

Engadget’s review of the Android version of NetFront sounds very positive, and it certainly looks like a very promising choice on Nintendo’s part. If you aren’t scared of technical jargon (or, like me, actually enjoy reading it), the browser’s full specifications sheet is below.

Specifications | NetFront Browser v4.1

New in NetFront Browser v4.1

  • High Speed JavaScript Engine

Supported Standards

Compliant with the OMA Browsing 2.3 specification


cHTML, HTML 5 (Partial), HTML 4.01, XHTML1.1, XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2, WML 1.3, SMIL 2.1, RSS feed (RSS 0.9/0.91/0.92/1.0/2.0, Atom 0.3/1.0)


CSS1, CSS2.1, CSS3 (Partial), CSS MP1

Advanced Scripting

  • ECMAScript 262 3rd Edition
  • ECMAScript Mobile Profile
  • WMLScript
  • DOM Level 1, Level 2
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Ajax (XMLHttpRequest)


  • HTTP 1.0/1.1
  • WAP
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual TCP/IP


  • SSL3/TLS1.0
  • Crypto modules

Memory Requirements

  • ROM: 2MB-4MB (Kernel +SLIM)
  • RAM: 2MB- (Depending on complexity of content viewed)

Main Features

  • Tabbed Multi-Window support
  • Column Rendering
  • Stick Navi
  • Swift Navi
  • PagePilot (Smooth pan and zoom navigation)
  • Visual Bookmarks
  • Virtual Pointer (Pointing device emulation)
  • Smart-Fit Rendering™
  • Rapid-Render™
  • Intelligent Frame Handling (Select and zoom individual frames)
  • Continuously adjustable Zooming/Animated Zoom
  • Offline Browsing and Page/Image Saving
  • Word Wrap, Line boundary character check
  • Streaming Download
  • DirectConnect (Secure monitoring and control of devices from the browser)
  • Intelligent Pop-Up Blocker
  • Integrated Internet Search Menu
  • Auto Form-Filling
  • Authentication Manager
  • International Domain Name

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux® (ACCESS Linux Platform™, Android™, Qt/Embedded, Qtopia, GTK+, and others)
  • Symbian OS (Series 60 and UIQ)
  • Garnet™ OS
  • Microsoft® Windows® CE family, Microsoft® Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC, Smartphone)
  • VxWorks
  • Nucleus
  • Others (OS-9, OSE etc.)

Supported CPUs

  • ARM®
  • XScale
  • StrongARM®
  • PowerPC
  • MIPS
  • SH-Mobile and others

Plug-In and Extension Modules

NetFront™ SMIL Player & SVG Viewer
SMIL and SVG modules can be implemented as plug-ins or as stand-alone players for advanced 3G push services with rich multimedia content.

NetFront™ Document Viewer
NetFront™ Document Viewer enables full viewing of PDF files and Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® on mobile handsets.

Flash®, Flash® Lite™
NetFront Browser provides a ready-to-use interface to integrate Adobe® Flash® Player supporting Flash content embedded within a Web page.

MascotCapsule (HI)
MascotCapsule is a 3D rendering engine that supports the display of visually rich 3D games or other 3D content on mobile devices.

Source: Nikkei, via 3DSConnect

By on 27 February 2011

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  1. jdlahdl says:

    what kind ov flashplayer do you download for 3ds

  2. Roberto Valle says:

    i need help!
    im looking for a software that visualize me videos! who has the solution, please contact me

  3. Breanna Donnell says:

    How do I get a flash player for the 3ds?

  4. Sonny x says:

    can some-one help me I want to watch youtube vids pleese help!

  5. marlin jr says:

    i want a flash player how do i get one

  6. Raina Neris says:

    how do I get adobe flash player to see youtube videos if i download it ,it says could not download something like that so can you please help me!!!!!???

  7. mason says:

    Dude help me please i need flash player for youtube !!!!!

  8. anonimous says:

    how do u download flash player for 3DS without jailbreaking it?

  9. Suika I. says:

    The number of people incorrectly reading this blog post is hilarious…

    Though it was said that there is a possibility for flash player, it didn’t necessarily say that there will be flash player. It was said that it is up to Nintendo if they would like flash player, and since nobody seems to have it working, then we can all assume that it was decided against.

    Perhaps there is a homebrew app available? I’m not exactly educated in the ways of homebrewing, so I am unsure, and doubting its existence.

    Definitely a good read, as I now have a better understanding of what is in my 3DS.

    • hhhhh says:

      There is a flash player for 3DS just like there is a flash player for iphone. which costs 2.99. You need to get the app. good luck finding it. i watch youtube and play flash games on my 3ds its aweome ^^. just search with the right keywords.

  10. wes says:

    if this works you the best

  11. ktrbot says:

    @Roberto Valle
    No hope in videos playing. Sorry. Read my post for details.

  12. ktrbot says:

    The 3ds browser has flash, but the version of the flash player is flash player 4. Flash player 4 was mainly made to show images at the most, thus concluding that the watching of youtube videos are impossible (hopefully just for now).
    In order to watch youtube (standard pc version), you must have html 5 support, flash player 10 or above, and a machine that can handle all of the hardware.
    More sadly, there hasn’t been a genius who has been able to crack the 3ds for flash either, resulting in no youtube at all (not even mobile). To watch mobile youtube, the machine needs it’s own video player (like window media player or quicktime).
    But there have been some video playing on the 3ds which was done by converting a video that was 9min. 59 secs. long into a specific 3ds format of .avi (audio video interleave). This required for the video to be in a very low 240p, and other specs such as explained by user spinal cord on
    To wrap things up completelt, no 3ds youtube until someone can hack their 3ds, or Nintendo makes a youtube app, or Netfront updates the browser.

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, I read something saying if Nintendo had flash on there browser, We’d be able to play games for free. I think they meant how you can play Angry Birds™ free on the internet so you don’t buy it. But I don’t get how you can get free games on the internet, because it doesn’t seem possible.So until Nintendo has a better excuse, GIVE US FLASH TEN OR HIGHER NOW!

  13. ktrbot says:

    @Roberto Valle
    there hasn’t been one for youtube found yet, but if you wanna know how to watch vids from sd card, then go search on spinal cord got it to work faster than anybody else on the planet

  14. ktrbot says:

    come watch my youtube vids if you’re bored!

  15. Samuel Akintunde says:

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  19. stalker says:

    need flash player
    no flash=no videos
    no videos=BOREDOM

  20. EpicFailNintendoBuy says:

    SEND MAIL NINTENDO:Adobe Flash Player and Html 5.0 SUPPORT!
    Website Problems:
    For help regarding problems with this website please contact:

    The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.
    Get the latest Flash Player Learn more about up upgrading to an HTML5 browser.


  21. Forpeoplethatstilldontunderstand says:

    People! People! No youtube videos for 3Ds, unless someone cracks the code. Now stop asking. Thanks for reading, buh-bye.

  22. Forpeoplethatstilldontunderstand says:

    learn how to convert youtube videos to mp3 or buy song and then learn how to put music on 3Ds, buh-bye.

  23. dawson says:

    i do not now how to get flashplayer so nobody can get flashplayer till someboody cracks the code there now do not ask again

  24. nebuR says:

    3ds browser don’t let you see films from the youtube but on the nintendo eShop you can see films there are posted by nintendo. so its not impossible to films in the 3ds. lets just hope for the nintendo to creates a youtube app.

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  35. Nintendoplayer says:

    I want my Opera back! Why Nintendo Why??? What happened to my Opera! Just make a Youtube app and problem solved!

  36. DesenfrenadoXDDD says:

    Seria bueno una Aplicacion de Youtube para 3DS y que fuera gratis obivamente ¬¬

  37. arrow says:

    same thin az u guyz on 3ds need a god damn flash hope ur happy nintendo ****

  38. unknown says:

    has any one tried using a card reader and copying the folder and thats also how to put music on it.

  39. unknown says:

    has any one tried using a card reader and copying the folder and thats also how to put music on it

  40. unknown says:

    has any one tried using a card reader and copying the folder and thats also how to put music on it

  41. Tyler says:

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    all pepole who thinks they can get a flash payer on a 3ds is STUPIDļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļļ

  44. Blazeingtitan64 says:

    ok, im reading this thread on my 3DS and i think they should do BOTH! make a youtube app AND give us flash player. i know thats alot to ask, but its the best case senario.

  45. PINGAS!!! says:

    you all have brains damnit use them! no youtube untill nintendo allows it now

  46. download gvbk im a nintendo agent hope you like flash

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  51. NintendoSucksWithInternetUses says:

    I am going to try right now to crack the code. As for all of you (I am serious about this), email Nintendo and tell them that they NEED to somehow make the 3DS browser support YouTube, or make a FREE YouTube app on the 3DS E-Shop and the app better NOT be like the stupid Netflix app that is a piece of crap! Seriously! EMAIL NINTENDO AND TELL THEM THOSE EXACT WORDS!!!!!!!!!!

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  56. Jack Meoff says:

    Nintendo has put out the app petit computer which lets you create your own apps using BASIC programming language. That will allow you to create your own browser but you will need a dump folder which I doubt can be used. If you can get your browser then you can get your flash plugin. 3DS runs on Linux so getting root directories is possible.

  57. worsed day evr says:

    no naruto,dbz… i think im gonna cry ¡_¡

  58. I’m no expert at computers but cant you just take the sd card out of your 3ds, put it in your computer, download flash player, put the sd card back in the 3ds and have flash player (like i said im no expert so dont be mad if it doesn’t work)

  59. hacker master says:

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  65. Nintendo Moderator says:

    Hey guys! I work for Nintendo and I will promise you the 3ds will have youtube and flash player in…2013 Christmas!! So stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. shadow says:

    would it be possible to put netfront on the 3d ds, then this would allow you to use flash?

  67. JackChuck says:

    it would be nice that you have in nintendo store other web browser with html5 support. Other sites besides youtube do not work either, moreover a lot of websites like hotmail (for instance) are migrating to html5.

    Please be quick!
    I got mad about some folks with PS Vita and its web support.

  68. Shaylene says:

    I need a flash player now

  69. Lewis says:

    But I am Using The 3DS Internet Browser To Post This

  70. marmalade says:

    I always thought a bbc iplayer app(like the one on wii) would work really well for the 3ds.

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