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Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Finale

The bi-weekly feature on box art from Nintendo console and handheld games over the years. I will be giving five examples of great box art from Nintendo console and handheld games that are chosen by readers!

Welcome my loyal readers, to what shall be the final Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly. I know this may seem sudden, but April 30 will be the last day that produces news and features. I know that this may come as a shock to many of you but don’t fret, we’ve had a lot of good times together haven’t we? I know that I have gotten a lot of joy out of writing for all of you and wish it could go on longer. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Not all is lost however! Stick around until the end of the feature for something a little special I’ll be doing for you all by the 30th! Without any further adieu, welcome to the Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly!

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


The first box art that I bring to you in our final Bi-Weekly is from the cool DS game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! To start off, I just have to say that I think this game may win the contest for box art that makes the main character look like a total doofus and a cool guy at the same time. It gives us a good idea of what to expect in the game. We understand right from the get go that the main character is dead and we play as him in a ghost form. The games unique art style is readily on display and the omnipresent blue of the ghost gives a nice bit of life to the image ironically in contrast to the dull background colors. I find this to be a great piece of box art.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The next piece of box art that I bring you today comes from the courtroom adventure game on the DS, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! What drew me to Phoenix Wright originally was the anime style visuals. The fact that it looks a lot like an anime drama that you can play out in your hands was interesting and is probably a contributing factor to many people that curiously picked the game up. The box art does a nice job of informing the player who they will have to deal with for the rest of the game. We have both Edgeworth, our rival in the game, as well as the judge towering over Nick and Maya. It gives a good indication that the player will have to endure them in the game multiple times, which is really an inventive way of showing off a game about a lawyer.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

The third piece of box art that I bring to you today comes from the intriguing crime adventure, Hotel Dusk: Room 215. I am a big fan of this games art style in general so the fact that it is on display in full force on the box art makes me quite happy. The black and white look of the characters has always seemed like such an interesting idea to me. It makes me sad that we never saw the sequel, The Last Window, reach North America. The box art also gives the player the sense that something mysterious and possibly supernatural is going on. Other than the strange name of the hotel, the girl standing in the doorway has a spooky, almost ethereal, presence to herself. It really makes the mystery of the game jump at you from the first time you lay your eyes upon the box.

Thanks to RC for all of the box art selections!

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

The next piece of box art that I bring to you today is from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS! As I said above, I’m a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and actually like this piece of box art better than the one above. I think there is a lot more meaning to take away from this art than probably any other game in the series. Aside from the fantastic art style, the fact that Sora is falling and Riku is rising holds a hidden meaning.

Riku has battled his darkness since the very beginning and already overcame it in Kingdom Hearts II. That is why you see him rising; because he has nothing to fear. Sora, on the other hand, has not. He has been surrounded by the light and hasn’t had to endure such hardships. His falling represents a potential falling into darkness. That is why you see King Mickey reaching for him; so that he can pull him back, just as he did with Riku. This box art and its hidden meanings really draw me in and make for an enjoyable piece to bask in.

Thanks to Gregoire Pinder for the box art selection!

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Next up we have the fantastic box art from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light on the DS! Although this game didn’t end up being very good, the art direction is undeniably fantastic. The art style actually comes from the same artist behind Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII. His style is one of my favorite in the Final Fantasy series and it is a shame that it isn’t used more often. The stylized characters, interesting dragon design, and really just classic RPG feel, all make this box art really enticing to the eyes.

And there you have the final edition of Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly. I hope that I have provided you all with some fond memories that you can look back upon and smile.

On to the good news!

Since everything is coming to an end, I am going to be bringing back Nintendo Music Sunday for a final reunion with everyone. Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly was a good follow up, but it never lived up to Nintendo Music Sunday in my mind. To make this Nintendo Music Sunday special, I would love it if you all would give me some final music selections to bring to you. If you all don’t have any, that’s okay, I will definitely bring together a bunch of great tracks for you. But if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them one final time!

For these selections, you can just leave them in the comments below, or at my email at I’ll have Nintendo Music Sunday: The Reunion up for you by Sunday so be sure to get your selections to me by then! Until next time, stay golden loyal readers and listeners.

By on 25 April 2013
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  1. Golbez says:

    Gotta have -ID (Purpose)- from Fire Emblem Awakening. Nintendo Music Sunday needs it.

  2. BUBSY IS THE BES... *sob* says:

    mario theme song. the best must be last!

  3. Klobb says:

    Shame that the news feed is coming to an end. 🙁 Oh well.
    But on the brighter side of things, Melty Monster Galaxy’s music from Galaxy 2 is awesome. 😀 Also Mecha Bowser in the original Galaxy. Either of those would be a great addition to the final Music Sunday in my own personal (and correct) opinion.

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      It certainly is a shame. 🙁 The forums will remain up however because they are quite popular still! No worries about losing any companions!
      I’ll see what I can do with those tracks 😉

  4. netbook says:

    Anything from Animal Crossing, okay?
    Maybe K.K. Bossa.

  5. RC says:

    I liked both of them. Could you do alternate weeks between box art and music?
    Anyways, music suggestions. To Zanarkand and Suteki Da Ne from Theatrerhythm: FInal Fantasy. I occasionaly find myself whistling that randomly. Also, anything from Fire Emblem: Awakening, really captures the mood. Or the Dungeon theme from Dragon Quest 9! Or the battle music from Mother! Or…. I need to stop before I write a massive essay!

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      I would love to do alternating weeks between the two but unfortunately will no longer be having news or articles after April 30. 🙁 It is a sad thing to hear but there isn’t anything I can do about it. I will do all I can to make this final Nintendo Music Sunday special for everyone though!

  6. NyckM (youtube) says:

    Why u b closing!?!?

  7. TradeMark says:

    I think Vector of the Heavens from 358/2 Days would be a perfect song for the final Nintendo Music Sunday!

  8. MLdragoMaster says:

    Pokémon Champion Red and Lance Theme.

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