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Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly

The bi-weekly feature on box art from Nintendo console and handheld games over the years. I will be giving five examples of great box art from Nintendo console and handheld games that are chosen by readers like you!

For the past month I have been hard at work on this next feature that I hope everyone will be able to enjoy much like you did with Nintendo Music Sunday. At first I was unsure about what I should do. There are many weekly and monthly features out there that showcase some interesting part of the video game industry. After much deliberation I decided to go with my original idea (which one reader actually asked about in the final Nintendo Music Sunday!) of showcasing five pieces of box-art from video games on Nintendo consoles over the years. Any game that has appeared on a Nintendo console or handheld is applicable and reader suggestions will be wanted each and every week! Without any further adieu, welcome to the very first Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly!

Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon











The first piece of box art that I bring you on this wonderful day is from Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon! The box art I have chosen is the reverse box-art from the North American version but is much more beautiful in my opinion. The want to connect with other people by the main character is evident in how he is holding the hand of the girl. The dilapidated beauty of the world is shown clearly in the contrast of the fallen streetlights and the Eiffel Tower in front of the moon. This box art is a great example of how to show emotion through video game artwork.

Radiant Historia
















The next piece of box art that I bring to you today is from the fantastic RPG for the DS, Radiant Historia! This piece of artwork has always really impressed me. It shows nothing that interesting in all honesty but it always seems to draw the eye. I think that comes from how well it expresses the radiance that is explicit even in the name of the game. From the obvious radiance of the light shining down, to the radiance of the characters, (main character Stocke especially) Radiant Historia’s box art hits all the right notes both obvious and otherwise.

Scribblenauts Unlimited












Next I bring you the first piece of box art from a Wii U game! That game is Scribblenauts Unlimited! The Scribblenauts games aren’t known for their beauty. The art style certainly has charm but beautiful isn’t ever something I have heard it called. If Scribblenauts went for the art style shown in this box art I would certainly have my interest piqued. The artwork on the box is so very whimsical and fun. It feels as if it popped out of a storybook and landed on the cover only to tease us with its whimsy. Hopefully someday we will get a Scribblenauts game that can give us art in-game that is as beautiful as it is in concept.

Super Mario Bros. 3












Before some of you younger gamers look at this box-art and scoff at any sense of artistic nature I might have, let me explain what the box art for Super Mario Bros. 3 means to many of us. Super Mario Bros. 3 was a game that was highly anticipated to say the least. The game released and was pretty much as good as everyone expected. This cemented Mario releases in the mind of gamers as something you could always count on to be amazing. This box art is an artistic representation of the expectations that early Mario fans had. Also Mario looks awesome with that Tanuki tail.

Xenoblade Chronicles












The final piece of box art I bring you today is from the fantastic Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles! This was one of my favorite games last year and the art direction is a big part of that. This box-art is so full of mystery that any random person that happened upon it would have to wonder what is going on. The two main draws of the eye in the art are the giant Mechonis, looming over the world, and the Monado, the red sword standing in the meadow below it. This contrast between the small and the large is fantastic and such an eye catcher. Xenoblade Chronicles definitely has the artwork to draw in gamers just browsing for something random.

And there you have the first Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly! To give myself more time to choose between selections and to give readers more time to decide on art they enjoy, this feature will run every two weeks instead of weekly like Nintendo Music Sunday. I’m sure this might be a letdown to some of you but I promise that I will be doing some really interesting things with this in the future that will make the extra time between features worthwhile.

As with Nintendo Music Sunday, remember that this is all possible because of readers like you! You should send me your box art selections from any Nintendo console or handheld in the past. These can also be downloadable games that have been given box art as well. You can send your selections to, leave them in the comments below, or at the dedicated forum page here. I’ll see you all in two weeks! Until then, stay gold loyal readers.

By on 6 February 2013
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  1. Dissidia FTW says:

    “and the Monodo, the red sword standing in the meadow below it.” irs Monado “with A”

  2. Marshii says:

    The World Is Not Enough (n64)

  3. Joey says:

    Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

  4. TradeMark says:

    Yoshi’s Island (SNES)


    Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants edition, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Disney: Hide and Seek, EarthBound, The best of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack, Mario and Yoshi (Yoshi), Tetris (NES/GB), Bubsy 2, Mole Mania and Sonic Heroes

  6. RC says:

    Virtue’s Last Reward (3DS)

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